7+ Best Fully Funded Phd Scholarships For International Students In Australia

Pursuing programs like research or phd is expensive. It is even more challenging for international students. The reason is they have to come up with living costs as well. But there are lots of fully funded PhD scholarships for international students in Australia.

Mostly these funds stand for providing finance to insolvent students. So, they can shine in life and contribute to the world with knowledge.

Fully Funded PHD Scholarships For International Students In Australia

Introducing fully funded PhD scholarships for international students in Australia. Australian universities offer lots of scholarships to their students. Even it provides funds for international applicants too. Moreover, the government has some funds for both local and overseas students. So, here are the government research scholarship below:

1. Australia Awards Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships works to improve the future of insolvent students. The scholarships are managed by the Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia. They give such scholarships to learners from Asia, Africa, Middle East etc region. Mainly the students from emerging countries.

However, with the scholarship, an applicant can apply to any university in Australia. It is provided for an undergraduate to PHD degree and covers all necessary expenses. Even it issue health insurance, living allowance etc to students.

2. Destination Australia Scholarships

Every year the Australian Government awards over 1000 schemes to students from developing regions. With the aim of changing society, such scholarship is established. Still, it is given away and provides funding to lots of students.

However, the students who are eligible can apply for the scholarship to any program. The scholarship is offered for phd, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees. Even it undertakes all expenses to complete the course.

3. International Research Scholarships

With the help of the scholarship, any candidate can enroll in any university in Australia. The scholarship funds for postgraduate and Doctorate research programs. It provides financial aid until the course is completed. So, it is a very flexible scholarship for anyone.

Moreover, there’s no national barrier to applying for it. Applicants from any region are welcome to this scholarship fund. But a student must have excellent marks in the academic year and regular studies.

There are many popular universities in Australia. They offer full or partial funds to admitted students. So, have a look at the universities that award research scholarships to foreign candidates.

4. Melbourne Research Scholarships

The University Of Melbourne is one of the leading and famous institutions in Australia. Every student dreams of studying at the university. Even the institutions are very welcoming towards nationals and foreign candidates.

Moreover, they contribute by finding students who can hardly bear tuition fees. The university offers around 600 scholarships yearly to domestic and overseas candidates. It gives approximately $31,200 for post-graduate or doctorate degrees yearly. In addition, the scholarship provides some other advantages to smooth the path of getting an education.

5. Sydney Research Scholarships

Sydney University is a public research institution in Australia. The university provides merit-based scholarships. But no ethnicity restriction to apply for the bursary. Sydney Scholarship is offered to overseas students who come for Postgraduate or Master’s research programs.

It is a very prestigious scholarship for the candidates who enroll to study there. It covers all costs, including tuition fees, monthly stipend, health insurance, etc. So, for more details to know, check the Sydney University website.

6. Flinders Scholarships

Flinders University provides research scholarships to those who want to pursue a full-time degree. It offers full-time scholarships for Doctorate degrees for more than 3 years. And also, Masters research for more than 2 years.

However, it gives all necessary expenses to students. It is merit-based, so students with outstanding results have higher chances of getting it. There are some other requirements to achieve the scholarship, check out the page for more details.

7. Australian National University Scholarship

Australian National institution fees are less than other universities. Still, it offers scholarships to its students. The students’ regards from local and foreign all can be entitled to this.

So, candidates with good results can apply to the fund. This fund is provided for any program a learner wants to pursue. The institution has various subjects to choose from. Any student can take any subject to study undergraduate to PhD degree.

8. Curtin University Research Scholarships

Curtin University offers a scholarship scheme to pursue master’s and phd programs in the institution. The students from the poor region but taled are entitled to their research scholarship program.

It awards the Meng Fei Scholarship to international applicants yearly. A student will find AU$10,000 for study and other costs. However, this fund is limited to only 3 candidates. So, apply earlier before running out of the place.


Apart from the above universities, many other universities provide full fund scholarships. Even some universities grant half a scholarship for master’s and phd degrees. So, apply to any scholarship fund that best suits anyone’s demands. But whatever the types of scholarship, all are merit-based.