Banglaadesh Most Famous Musician Success Story: Imtiaz Hossain Nihal

Imtiaz Hossain Nihal is one of the current musicians. Time was a guest on the third season of the television show ‘Then I Told the story of his life. Talked about various unknown issues.

At the beginning of the conversation, Imtiaz Hossain Nihal said that he has to cut everything under stress. We have to spend the day combining good and evil. But being good is important for artists. Artists have to be good all the time.

In the words of Imtiaz Hossain Nihal, ‘Our work, our way of life has changed. Not everything is actually normal. We have entered the new system. ‘

Since Childhood, He Had Keen Interest In Trying New Things.

Noting that there was not so much responsibility, though, pressure in his childhood, the artist said, ‘I didn’t have to think so much in my childhood. Childhood was good, full of mischief. Imtiaz Hossain Nihal and I were in conflict all the time. I used to fight with him all the time. Dad used to bring us similar toys. He used to ruin mine and go and sit with his father. ‘

Imtiaz Hossain Nihal and Sarfaraz Mehedi are two friends of the late musician Masud Khan. They have come to the music hall following the path of a friend. In the meantime, he has done several popular songs.

In response to a question, Imtiaz Hossain Nihal said, “I grew up with my father’s rule and mother’s love. I have tried to live a normal life all the time. Dad has always taught us the basics. Dad was a little more angry. When he sang, he was the best singer in the world, the best dad at home, the best ragi when he got angry. Mother was sohagi all the time. Mother had all the whims and desires. If I couldn’t ask my father, I would ask my mother.

Imtiaz Hossain Nihal was quite naughty as a child. Asked about the story of running away from school, he said, “One day school ended early. We got about an hour. After my school’s four buildings was Ayub Bachchu’s uncle’s studio. After consulting with a friend, I went to his studio with great courage.

Bachchu Called His Uncle And Father

Uncle Bachchu recognized me at the first sight. Then he ate a lot. As soon as we ate, Bachchu called his uncle and father. “Milu, your son is coming to me today to get an autograph,” he said. You see, my popularity is higher than yours. ‘After going home, my father did not say anything.’

Stating that his goal was to be an artist like his father, Imtiaz Hossain Nihal said, My father went to Suhrawardy Udyan to sing. I was with.

I saw the applause of about 5,000 people as soon as my father’s name was announced.

From then on I set the goal, I have to go to that place. You have to be like your father. ‘

Imtiaz Hossain Nihal has tried to sing different genres. Khaled Hasan has sung Milu, this generation has sung, this film has sung all kinds of songs. The artist also thinks that this has increased his scope. Imtiaz Hossain Nihal thinks it is his own trick.

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