Best law school Australia, Law School Ranking Review

Australia is the best country to study law and you can find easily the best law school Australia for you. Some Australian law schools offer best learning opportunities to be a successful lawyer. Though law degrees are really tough, a strong willing and a good law school can fulfill your dream. You should choose the university according to the course quality and also the outcomes of the students. For the Masters Degree or JD degree, you should choose the reputed area of study.

Best law school Australia

The law schools provide LLB, LLM and JD degrees for the students. There are some law schools in Australia. Here, I am going to introduce you some of the top law schools in Australia.

Melbourne Law School

The Melbourne Law School is a faculty of Melbourne University. It is one of the top law schools in Australia. You can do here the LL.D degree, LLM degree, JD degree. It is also the oldest law school. It has also ranked seventh in the law school of the world. A lot of alumni of this school are in the politics, Prime Minister, Governor-General, Chief Justices, Attorney-General, Chief Justice of Australia and so on. This law school was formed in 1857. But it was expanded in 1873. It gets popularity for its legal education. After completing the graduation, the students can do intern in the Law society for students.

UNSW Faculty of Law

UNSW means the University of South Wales. It is in Sydney. It is another top law school in Australia. In 2016, it was placed 13th in the list of world’s best law schools. There are 13 research and legal centers of this school. This faculty of law is the co-founder of AustLII. This institute offers free access to legislation, legal online resources, case law, etc. It also offers dual degree programs of law in undergraduate level, JD program for graduates and some postgraduate research, coursework and short courses. Though most of the law schools use lecture or any tutorial system for their degree programs, this law school provides seminar types long classes for the law students. Besides, the students take part in the class discussion by Socratic Method. The class time is used to examine and explore the materials. The first year contains only 28 students in every class. But in the upper years, the students increase up to 90.

Sydney Law School

It is another best law school Australia. Sydney law School was formed in 1890 with full legal programs. It is regarded as one of the best law school in Australia. Many famous persons studied in this law school. This school offers professional legal degrees such as Bachelor of Law, JD Degree, Masters of Law, etc. Besides the professional degrees, this law school also provides some higher research degrees such as Masters of Criminology, Doctors of Philosophy, etc. Sydney Law School also has an arrangement with Cambridge University, Oxford University for the students who are very good in the study to do the postgraduate law degree.

Monash University Faculty of Law

The faculty of law of the University of Monash is in Melbourne, Australia. This university offers many degrees such as LLB, J.D., LLD, Ph.D., in law. Currently, more than 3500 students of graduate, postgraduate and other programs are studying here. Besides, there are several hundred staffs are working here. It was the top 14th law school in the world in 2014 by OS World University Ranking. To get admitted to this university is really tough. There is a law library in the school building. This library has a good collection of both printed and electrical materials. Besides, you will find a lot of online e-books and some databases over 150, 000 items. Moreover, the law reports of Commonwealth jurisdiction are available here. So, it can be the best law school for you.

TC Beirne School of Law

It is the law school of University of the Queensland. It was formed in 1936. It is the oldest one in Queensland. However, it is the sixth oldest school of law in Australia. Two chief justices of this country are from this school. It has more than 2,000 students and most of them are studying LLB. Some other programs of this school are LLM, Master of International Law, Doctor of Philosophy, etc. This school is also the part of Economics and Law.

The University of Western Australia

The faculty of law of the University of Western Australia was established in 1927. This faculty has a great reputation as the finest law school. Many of the graduates of UWA get awarded Rhodes scholarship. Many of them are former PM, Queen’s Counsels, Attorneys General, and so on. The law school has the good combination of stuff and students. The courses of this school have national and also international reputations. Besides, the research opportunities are really standard including international law, commercial law, and some other areas. This law school has a library with more than 100,000 collections of major international databases and also Australian databases.

It has also five centers for research such as Australian Global Studies Research Centre, Crime Research Centre, Natural Resources Law, etc. The LLM programs are included 48 credit. Besides, you can personalize your education by selecting your subjects. You can do your LLM degree on various law subjects here such s commercial law, Taxation Law, International Law, Policy and Government Law, etc. Besides, you can achieve these degrees by doing part-time courses.

It is really a good chance for the international students. As there are many law schools in Australia, it is really tough to select the best law school Australia for a student. But when a ranking review of the best law schools is in your hand, you can easily choose the appropriate school for you. The law schools described above are the best law schools in Australia. So, choose one of them and admit there to build your strong law career. These Universities provide law degrees internationally. So, you will not face any problem in building your career in any country of the world.

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