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The students who search for the best law school Canada have the good news that there are many law schools in Canada which have fame over the world. To build a profession in law, you need to study the best law school and extraordinary logical skills. So, if you are in Canada, you can admit to the best law school in Canada. A list of law schools in Canada can help you select the best one. However, there are two types of the degree of law in Canada. They are the Civil Law and the Common Law. If you study in Common law, you can practice law in other countries such as USA, France.

Best law school Canada

Canada is famous for some best law schools. If you know some of them or the ranking of the best law school in Canada, you can easily choose the best school for you.

University of Toronto Faculty of Law

It is a well-known law school of the world. It is the oldest faculty of this university. However, it is regarded as the best law school in Canada. Besides, it is considered as the best law school in North America. You should be surprised to know that over 5,000 alumni of this school have worked in some top positions such as political field, Supreme Court of Canada, Parliament Members, and so on. It is the first Canadian school that provides the Juris Doctor degree.

However, the international students can study the common law in this law school. The tuition fee for every year is $21,767. There are 60 faculty members for full-time. They are renowned for their research. At the first year, the student will study the Common Law, criminal law, Property law, Legal Process and some others. But the courses of other years are electives. You should apply in the first week of September to get admitted to this school.

McGill University Faculty of Law

It is another best law school Canada. The education quality of this law school is really good. It also has the 27th place in the best world Law School Ranking. It was established in 1848. The campus of this law school is in Montreal which is a very fun city. So, the students of this law school do not get the real experience of unique university. The tuition fee for every year of this school is $6155 for undergraduate and $5858 for master degree.

However, this law school offers you LL.B, B.C.L degrees. Besides, you can do four or three years graduate degree in Common Law. Besides, there are 43 full-time faculties in McGill University law school. Apply within November 1 to admit in this law school. There is a Career Development Office for the students to make a law career.

Law School of University of Ottawa

The Law School of University Of Law of Ottawa is in Ontario, Canada. It was established in 1953. However, such other law school, it has two sections; Civil Law and Common Law. A lot of alumni of this school are many successful men. The dean of the Civil Section of this law school is the alumni of Law School of the University of Ottawa. However, it offers a lot of programs and courses. The common law section provides government law, international service, and legal laws. The school has 76 full-time faculties.

If you want to study the Common Law section, you should have to study for three years JD program. Besides, students need to complete a court program in the second year and have to do a search paper in the third year in one major course. Those who are seeking for both Civil and Common Law have to apply for LLL or DJ degree for four years. Besides, there is a combined program.

Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC

It is a Canadian leading law school. It has also a good reputation for research, well-known teachers, and the graduates. The school provides LL.M., J. D., Ph. D degrees. The courses are tax law, natural resource law, Feminist law and some other laws. The law faculty was established in 1945. It is at the University of British Columbia. This school has total 135 faculties and among them 44 is full-time and 91 is part-time. Besides, it offers joint programs between this law school and University of the Hong Kong. This school has also the agreement with the Law School of Melbourne.

Faculty of Law of University of Victoria

It is in British Columbia. This law school offers J.D, L.L.M, Ph. D. on the law. It is one of the top schools in Canada for the law. This school offers admission for 105 students every year. You can study here for the undergraduate degree in 3 years. To get admitted to this school, you should submit the academic transcripts and the application form. The LLB degree of Victoria University Law School has a great reputation. However, the tuition fee for every year is $9,393.44 for full-time. And the application fee is $92.

Schulich School of Law

It is the law school of Dalhousie University. The law school is based on the common law. It is also called Dalhousie Law School. It is one of the largest law schools in Canada. Every year, more than 500 students get admitted here. So, you can also choose this school to build your law career. The school offers JD. Ph. D., L.L.M degree for the students.

There are also some combined programs for them who want to do these. There are a lot of law schools in Canada. But you need to select the best and suitable one for you. So, see the above reviews of best Law school in Canada. Then make your decision which is best for you. To make the best law profession, besides the best law school, you need to be sensible about your study and try your best to do the best result. Besides, all of the law schools provide some offers to the students to build their career.

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