Which the Best Law School UK (Top 6 Schools United Kingdom)

As the law is the best choice to build a respected career, the best law school UK would be the best place for the students of UK. There are a lot of law schools in the UK and they produce successful lawyer every year. If you study a law school in the United Kingdom, you will earn the law degree with some practical skills and comprehensive understanding. Besides, the students also learn the legal analysis. However, we know the fame of studying law in the UK. So, the foreign students who desire to study law can choose a law school in the UK with great experience and flexibility.

Best law school UK

Both a graduate and the undergraduate degree from the UK will make you prepared to build a great career in different law-related fields. However, among many law schools, some descriptions of some best law school the UK.

The Dickson Poon School of Law

It is the law school of King’s College in London. It is in the east Somerset House closed to the Royal Court of Justice in London. However, this law school became the 18th prestigious law school. This institution was named The Dickson Poon Law School after the donation by Sir Dickson Poon of twelve million pounds for the institution in 2012. This college is taught law from 1831. But the law was under another senior department. Later, the law faculty became the part of Division of Law and Economics. It is now under the Faculty of Arts.

This school provides degrees of graduate and undergraduate. If you want to do undergraduate LLB program, you can do it within three years. To study this school, you should pass the LNAT during the admission. Besides, there are some joint programs with some other institutions including Colombia University, Humboldt University, Germany, Monash University, and some other. Besides, you can do Ph.D. in law. Here, there are eighty doctoral researchers.

The University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

The law faculty of Cambridge is a well-known law school in the UK. It is the oldest law school and renowned school for the quality teaching and legal research. However, this law school is good, particularly for international law. In 2017, this law school has won the first rank in the UK. It was also ranked as the second-best law school in the world. It is so old that it was founded in 1540. Now it is a faculty of law with 11 research centers with the leading research on international law. With 31 professors, many stuff, and six leaders, the faculty is now the complete one. From here, you can do graduation, LLM, Ph.D., IL, LRL, etc.

Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

The Oxford University Law faculty is one of the oldest law schools in the world. Here the fellows taught the students in some groups on weekly basis. The main programs of this school are graduate and undergraduate courses in law. But it also offers the doctoral programs in the English language. In 2017, it gained the first place in law school ranking. Many of the famous people such as Tony Blair, Lord Chancellors, Supreme Court Justices and so on are the alumni of the Law Faculty of Oxford University. This law school offers three years long undergraduate degree. It is regarded as the best law degree in the UK. The teachers take classes with tutorials, seminars and also lectures. However, the close contact with the teachers and a friendly environment provides extra strength to the students to study attentively. After completing any law degree from this law school, a student will be able to build the best profession in this field.

Durham Law School

Durham Law School is under Durham University. Many of the graduates of Durham Law School are working in the Supreme Court of the UK, Court of Appeal, Government, and also in the parliament. Here the teachers teach the students in some small groups. So, they can learn deeply the law. Some particular researches of this law school are popular in the world. From here, you can achieve the LLB degree in three years. They can learn the international law, public law, corporate law, comparative law and many more. Besides, you can do the doctoral degree in law from here.

Dundee Law School

The law school of Dundee is in Scotland. This school provides degrees in graduate and undergraduate both in Scots and English Law. Dundee Law School is the UK institution for the students to qualify them into the three legal jurisdictions in the UK. It is one of the best law school UK. It was also ranked 6th in Scotland. Dundee International Law Society is the leading law society for the students of Dundee Law School. Besides, the students can publish their academic writing in the law review of this school that the school publishes bi-annually.

This university provides qualifying law degrees in English and Scottish. Besides, you can do law courses in French, Spanish and in German. Per year during admission, this school receives 900 applications. However, you can do LLM degrees. A wide range of courses is for LLM.

University of Aberdeen School of Law

This law school was founded in 1495. Really it is oldest one. It is also the largest one in Scotland. However, it is the law school to do undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. It also provides Diploma degree in Legal Practice. Greg Gordon is the head of this school. A lot of famous people are the alumni of this law school. Besides, in the summer, this law school plays hosts with some other law schools such as University of Maryland Law School. In this summer program, the courses are taught by the American and Scottish tutors.

The law schools described above are good for both national and international students. As you are very much willing to do any courses in Law, you can choose any of the above law schools. So, choose one as the best law school UK that is good for you from all sites.