5 Best Universities In Canada With Scholarships For International Students

Looking for the best universities in Canada with scholarships for international students? There are lots of institutions that offer full and partial scholarships for abroad applicants. Select any university that best suits you and send your application form. If you are chosen, you will have the chance to study for free. Here we will talk about the institutes that offer full scholarships.

5 Best Universities In Canada With Scholarships For International Students

Pursuing higher study abroad is a great investment for anyone. The students from a solvent family only can afford such a cost. But it doesn’t mean that the talented and potential will drop out. Many universities in Canada welcome international candidates with full scholarships. So, here are the top 5 Canadian institutes with full scholarships:

1. Toronto University

Toronto University is considered the first university for higher education in Canada. Every year it welcomes lots of abroad and Canadian students. It has the highest intake rates worldwide. The Toronto University offers lots of programs to study there. Science, Engineering, Arts, Architecture, Medicine, law, etc.

Besides, the institute has a large variety of tuition fees depending on the subjects. The cheapest cost program is music, and the expensive one is Engineering or Science. However, the institute provides a prestigious Lester B. Pearson Scholarship for undergraduate students. Yearly, 37 Pearson Scholarship is offered. There’s a few schemes for master’s and PHD.

2. York University

This is the third-largest institute in Canada, with 170 varieties of degrees to pursue. The total number of students of the university is more than 49000, including foreign students. However, fees for undergraduate courses cost $24,000 to $27,800. Whereas a master’s program costs $10,600. But there’s a couple of scholarship schemes as well to support financially unstable students. Automatic Entrance, Glendon International, Armand & Denise LaBarge Scholarship, etc, for example.

The scholarship is given for master’s and undergraduate programs yearly. It bears full expenses, including tuition fees, housing, books, etc. On the other hand, a student must have an excellent score and potential. The scholarship is renewable depending on the academic performance of a student.

3. Carleton University

Carleton University is the best public research institute in Canada. It offers different programs with different degrees. Every year lots of candidates take admission from abroad besides local students. The university awards various scholarships and bursary programs to introduce talented students. The Canadian applicant also can get the chance to be entitled to the scholarships. The Riordon and Collins scholarships are the prestigious schemes offered by the institute. It is even one of the competitive scholarships.

A student has to have at least an 80% score to gain it. The bursary provides $4000 yearly for a program. However, the institute has some other kinds of schemes for students. Such as SHAD Scholarship, Jay Woo & CAA Scholarship, Carleton University Excellence Scholarship, etc.

4. British Columbia University

The institute is regarded as one of the leading public universities in the world. It is listed in the top 20 universities. It has given such an opportunity to all students to study peacefully. It has two colleges, 16 faculties, and 18 schools. Moreover, the institute offers different programs to study. However, the university is friendly enough towards poor and middle-class candidates. It has some needs and merit-based scholarships to continue one’s education.

Major Entrance and Outstanding International Award are provided for undergraduate study. Which is worth around $32,000 and $2000 to $8000 respectively. Besides, it has some funding for a PHD. Which is worth $22,000 yearly. These all aids are fully funded and renewable upon performance.

5. Winnipeg University

Winnipeg University offers various modes of scholarships for international students. This is a research-based university in Canada. The institute has various programs to study for students. However, their different method of choosing candidates for scholarships has made it easy to achieve. For instance, the Winnipeg Manitoba Scheme is awarded for master’s programs to internationals.

The university has an agreement with Manitoba province to finance internationals. Another category is the President’s scholarship for the first time admitted students. This President’s scholarship is also given to those who have leadership qualities. Moreover, Linda Brown & Vana Kirby scholarship is offered to disabled students.

Some Other Institute With Full Scholarships

There’s a couple of the best institutes in Canada which offer full scholarships for any program. However, there’s no boundaries for nation-based. Any student belonging to any country can get admitted. But the students have to ensure excellent marks, full attendance, and be active in social works.

For master’s and PHD programs, the university may require work experience for two years. The undergraduate program doesn’t have this requirement. There’s some other best universities in Canada with scholarships for international students:

McGill University.

Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Waterloo University.

Alberta University.

Queen’s University.

Manitoba University.

New Brunswick University.

Western Ontario University.


Except for such universities, the Canadian government has some scholarship schemes for applicants. There’s some other foundation that provides financial support for international candidates. So, these scholarships have more places than universities. Therefore, try on both scholarships to ensure a place.

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