Grand Canyon University Online Degree Programs

In the present era of online study, you can have your favorite degree from Grand Canyon University Online service. The Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a Christian university privately run in Arizona. This university maintains its progressive academic programs.It also leads a unique service. The university provides continuous efforts in quality, education in an affordable range, and opportunity for every kind of student.

History of Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University was established in 1949. The Southern Baptist Church founded it. That time, the name of GCUwas Grand Canyon College. Its first campus was in an abandoned building and the building was in Prescott, AZ. After two years, this college was moved to Phoenix. There, GCU started building a strong reputation. It was a premier and private Christian university.

In the early years of 2000, GCU maintained its operations with hard work.It increased the quality of academic sections. In 2004, GCU enhanced their curriculum. It also increased opportunities for professionals. Nursing and education are some of those. Generally, Grand Canyon University Online offers bachelor and master degree. There is also a doctoral degree in some fields. GCU is expanding its student number and campus area rapidly.

Grand Canyon University online programs

There are a large number of bachelor degrees in the vast area of Grand Canyon University. The major choices are Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. In these two sectors, there are many subjects to study. The bachelor degrees for various subjects are delineated below:

Bachelor of Arts

1. English

The degree of Bachelor of Arts from Grand Canyon University in English is a very reputed one. This degree gives an emphasis on Professional Writing. A learner can study literature and texts with information. It also has rhetoric study and composition exploration ability. He will also gain a strong knowledge in the core competencies like Literature and Information based Texts, rhetorical situations, Composition related programs, Professional Writing and its application, creative writing, writing for advertisement and PR, journalism in multimedia, technical writing etc.

2. Legal Studies

The faculty of Legal Studies teaches law and law related aspects. Bachelor of Arts in Grand Canyon University combines a curriculum of liberal arts. It inspires reasoning critically, communicate effectively and try strong foundation in writing. The program also offers practice of real legal issues. A learner can gather Legal as well as Political Knowledge, can explore federalism, and can learn creation of Public policy, civil law, criminal law, political themes, democracy and political behavior patterns.

3. State and Local Public Policy

Bachelor of Arts in Grand Canyon University (GCU) gives an emphasis on State and Local PublicPolicy. One can study Constitution and Government Policy, the surveys of the development of the American Constitution, public policy, administrative strategies in different levels, development of city issues, analysis and comparison of various governmental forms and development of skills for Public Service. So, if you are eager of this program, you can try it online.

4. Legal and Government Studies

You often find legal or government issues in different spheres. This study will get you a vast knowledge and management ability of these subjects. You can learn the topics of constitutional studies, explore federalism, separation of powers, public policy in the federal government, an overview of the criminal and civil law, a review of the elements for maintaining a successful law practice, government institutions, nature of governance, political themes, democracy and political behavioral patterns.

5. History

History is a common subject of study. Its demand is never low. GCU has a better course program for history. You can get a vast knowledge of the comparative study of social conflict, identifying different forms of human action, violence and social change, the political aspects, economic and social aspects, war and revolutions, a comprehensive review about different regions, intellectual development, deep religious overview studying in history here.

7. Digital Design

The animation is a very popular aspect in present entertaining world. Digital design and animation is a major subject and program in GCU. You can also develop your career in this aspect. The program provides digital content for 2D and 3D applications, developing character models; basic rigging, lighting, and textures; pipeline of a story idea, kinetic type, primary graphics in films, advanced animation, short film production in detail.

Bachelor of Science
Grand Canyon University online offers many attractive online programs on science. They are discussing bellow:

1. Accounting

In Grand Canyon University, a learner can have a deep knowledge of the principles and theories of Accounting. He can also attain the preparation of theories about income taxes and practice of any corporations, estates,partnerships, trusts, individuals etc. Besides, the learner can know the principles of accounting cost, job order process, activity-based costing and also budgeting. The courses areMarketing, Economics, Managerial accounting, Financial accounting, Ethical issues and legal issues of business, Organizational management and behavior, Business finance, Business statistics, Taxation, Cost accounting, Production management, Strategic management, and Auditing.

2. Applied Business Analytics

Applied Business Analytics is the faculty which enables the students to improve business propensity and analytics. They can also monitor database structures, analytics modeling, and data mining. They can also enhance the ability to learn effective communicative analytics, follow specific laws and regulations and practice of ethics. The course includes topics of introductory computer technology, Databases, Business statistics, Data mining, management of IT project, IT ethics and advanced business analytics.

3. Applied Business Information Systems

GCU provides the students the fundamentals of business system and technology, programming, database management principles, networking, IT project management, ethical considerations and IT governance. The learners also gain database, programming, system administrative skills to attain success. However, they have the opportunity here to explore the Database study, System Administration, Design, development, maintenance of relationship of database structures, Information systems, ITproject management, IT governance and ethics, Process of integrating systems, softwareapplications, strategies, and techniques.

4. Applied Management

GCU has an enriched degree program of Applied Management. It has offered this program online by the business college, Colangelo College. The students can experience innovative development for organizations,different concepts, behavior in the workplace, and management in human resource,servant leadership and also ethical leadership. They can also have the learning program of individual and group organizational behavior, primary financial statements their use, marketing concept, the importance of innovative work, approaches to development in organizations, practical aspects of organizations’ changes, unique challenges, leading and controlling and organizing.

5. Business Administration

Business Administration in GCU puts an emphasis on Business Intelligence. The Colangelo Business College offers a student to examine the functional areas of key management, finance, accounting, and marketing. They can also focus on the Intelligence of business. The learning areas you can find are: marketing concepts and mix, micro economic and macroeconomic topics, international economic topics, introduction to accounting cycle, constructional financial statements, management functions and processes, foundation of knowledge in the field of information and technology, Useaccounting data management, decision making, practical descriptive and inferential application statistics, fundamentals in business finance fields, design, development, implementation of relational database and maintenance structures, role in governing, ethics in information technology, current business’ analytical practices, key sections of predictive analytics, web analytics for website’s effectiveness, IT and business analytical topics etc.

6. Business for Secondary Education

Grand Canyon University has a special teaching section of business Entrepreneurship for making Future Executives. You can receive Comprehensive Education on Business Curriculum. In this sector you can have, microeconomic topics, macroeconomic topics, international economic topics, educational psychology, development in the areas of cognitive, social, linguistic and emotion, classroom engagement as well as management, English as a second language and structured immersion of English, Prescriptive assessment and reading, curriculum, methods for teaching in the areas of language arts, science, math, social studies, healthand Arts.

7. Business Management

A business can be successful when there is proper management, production in right time and eagerness and right decision. GCU has one of the best online Business management programs. The course of this program enables one to learn the foundations and a deep knowledge of management theories and concepts. However, the program includes Management Curriculum of business like accounting cycle, financial statements, statistics of business, the environment of innovative work in different organizations, managerial strategies, and concepts, servant leadership, ethical leadership etc.

8. Finance and Economics

Finance and Economics are one of the major subjects in business studies. GCU has a great educational outline for these two subjects. However, you can find the curriculums like marketing mix, marketing concept, microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, accounting cycle, the formation of financial statements, managerial accounting data, decision making capability, legal and ethical issues, behavior in organizations, practical application of inferential and descriptive statistics in business, fundamentals of business finance, financial evaluation, microeconomic principles and analysis, finance function in the modern corporation, portfolio management, production or operation management, strategic management etc.

9. Health Care Administration

GCU has built a strong program in healthcare studies for different healthcare organizations. College of Nursing and Health Care Profession Is providing this course. So, from studying here, you can learn a wide range of health related management. There are topics like the dynamics with the structure of different healthcare organizations, the process of shaping public, private and social forces healthcare systems, the financial issues which influence healthcare, third party payers, strategies of working within many healthcare sectors etc.

10. Hospitality Management

Hospitality is a huge industry in Arizona and across the Southwest part. It is one of the popular programs of Grand Canyon University Online programs. Hospitality management professionals contribute to hotel or restaurant management. This oversees day-to-day operations and provides better customer service. Grand Canyon University’s Hospitality Management helps you prepare to compete for entry-level management. You can also learn principals of marketing, Economics, financial accounting, hospitality, legal issues of business, business statistics, managerial accounting, hotel management, organizational behavior and its management, human resources, food and beverage operations and service, hospitality services marketing, strategic management, revenue generation for hospitality and so on.

11. Justice Studies

Law and law enforcement is one of the most fulfilling aspects of society. Grand Canyon University, with its program, Justice Studies prepares you for changing lives and ensure the fair treatment of communities. You can also get here a deep knowledge of criminal behavior, policing and adjudication, criminal procedure, public policy, civil and criminal law, strategic data analysis and corrections.

12. Marketing

GCU’s marketing degree includes a deep introduction to business research processes. It helps in managerial decision-making. Other study topics are: marketing mix, microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, accounting cycle, the construction of financial statements, use of managerial accounting data, decision making, behavior in organizations, practical application of descriptive and inferential statistics, fundamentals of finance, distinct buyer strategies, decision making processes of purchase, promotion and advertising, marketing research and reporting, production or operations management, applying the marketing mix in business worlds, marketing management and strategic management. So, from this university, you can easily do this degree online.

13. Public Safety and Emergency Management

Among GCU’s huge academic subjects, Public Safety and Emergency Management is a renowned one. Emergency management, emergency medical response, fire protection, law enforcement, environmental health, and safety etc. are the main aspects of this sector. You can prepare yourself for the topics: servant and ethical leadership, individual and group behavior, history and development in emergency management, emergency operations and techniques, processes of mitigation planning in case of emergency management, disaster response and recovery, terrorism’s impact on emergency management, unique challenges in managing projects.


1.Forensic Science

In the advanced world, there is a vast need of forensic science. Grand Canyon University provides a better opportunity to be an expert in this sector. The course includes chemistry, crime scene processing, human anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, Organic chemistry, principals of biochemistry, physical evidence, genetics, physics, toxicology, instrumental analysis, body fluid and DNA analysis. So, the interested student can complete the program online.

2. Psychology

Science in Psychology puts an emphasis on Performance of mind. Sports Psychology is a necessary one for students interested in sports, health, and fitness, performing arts and mental health. So, if you study in this university, you will be an expert in psychosocial foundations of success, personality, and health, child and adult psychology, cognitive neuroscience, leadership and team building, sport and exercise psychology etc.

3. Sociology

The Bachelor degree in Sociology is a program under the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. In GCU, you can explore different issues of society including crime, poverty, drug abuse, Globalization, family relations, social status in different perspectives. Besides, definitions in the social science, sociological knowledge, social tools of analysis, social psychology, attitudes and behaviors in society, social structures’ contribution to social problems, crime and poverty, methods of social scientists, surveys, field research and field experiment, analyzing collected data, form hypotheses, structures of society, supporting social inequality, the use of social theory in sociology, understanding the world and its functions etc. are the main topics to study.

5. Computer Programming

A day without a computer cannot be thought in present days. In GCU’s programs, you have a better future in Computer Programming. You can get an advanced ability in IT case planning, global business, professionalism, ethics in technical communication, operating systems concepts, enterprise applications programming, algorithms and data structures etc. that will help you do your IT works easily. However, you can complete the degree on online.

6. Computer Science

Computer Science is a common and mostly used topic in the present world. GCU has designed a planned program regarding this topic. Software development, data analysis, app development and computer related major topics are the main focus of this program. You can also have a command over large Scale Data Processing, design efficient models, collect and retrieve information from large databases, data Mining and Interpretation, retrieve huge amounts of data, translate useful information in exact context, pattern Analysis, detect trends in large volumes of data, statistical and mathematical problem models or algorithms, data based decision making, translate information from large databases, make complex decisions in the dynamic marketplace etc.

7. Electrical Engineering

There is a vast need of electrical engineering. This section provides advancement in the electric invention as well as its proper use. The College of Science provides Engineering and Technology programs under GCU. You can gather a proper knowledge in electric aspects like calculus for science and engineering, chemistry and physics, digital logic and designing, the science of electrical and electronic materials, advanced robotics, power, and energy system etc.

8. Information Technology

Information Technology is one of the strongest sectors of modern science. You can elevate your knowledge in IT from this section studying in GCU. You can prepare yourself in acquiring skills in multiple IT areas, learning new skills, developing a portfolio of projects in order to strengthen job candidacy, exploring a generous elective pool for customizing phases, adapting current industrial needs. You can also learn network Technologies & Lab, object oriented programming, cloud based computing, service oriented architecture for big data, IT business case planning for the global enterprise, security driven systems administration etc.

Medical Programs

1. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

GCU has a developed program of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This subject has a great demand in the present world of advanced bioscience. There is an advanced course in genetics too. You will have a great position in science foundation, scientific communication, professionalism and ethics, data analysis and interpretation, biochemistry and molecular biology, biochemical and molecular analysis. You can also gain a great ability in the aspects of principles and applications in the field of microbiology and microorganisms, comprehensive composition; structure, energetics and growth of eukaryotic cells, electricity and magnetism, optics and modern physics, principles of heredity and variation; quantitative, qualitative and instrumental analysis of different samples.

2. Biology

Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) Biology program puts an emphasis on Pre-Medicine. It can help you move to an advanced medical program. You can have the academic programs of Building yourself a better medical student. You can have knowledge of properties biological networks, the molecular system levels, comprehensive human anatomy, the study of human cadavers, practice of cadaveric dissection skills, scientific enquiry, critical analysis skills, scientific methods in real-life application, multiple laboratory courses, written and verbal presentation skills, scientific and clinical cases, understanding and recognizing ethical issues, research and clinical practice too.

Masters Programs in GCU

There are a number of masters programs at Grand Canyon University. All the subjects provide a vast and deep knowledge in the regarded topics. Besides, you can achieve the master degrees in all the subjects available for a bachelor degree. The available subjects include:

One can have a distinction in these subjects studying in GCU’s developed programs.

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The online programs of Grand Canyon University are very much reputed and desired ones. A student can get all the facilities from these rich courses. You can have a real experimental training from the courses. A learner can prepare himself properly enough so that he can cope with any further difficulties in the workplace. So, you can easily get admitted into Grand Canyon University Online programs and build a better career and future.

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