Which the best European Law Schools for foreign student

A lot of students every year study law in the best European Law Schools. If you have a dream to study law in a better university in Europe, there are a lot of law schools for you. This site is for you to help to find out the suitable law school in Europe for you. As the law is considered a prestigious profession, there are many options to study law worldwide. If you search in your society, you will find many law graduates are lawyers, consultants, politicians, and so on. So, if you want to study law in the birthplace of it, choose the best school to build the best career.

Best European Law Schools

Most of the European countries have many law schools. Some are very well-known. Here, you will some best European Law schools for foreign students.

University of Munich

This university is known as LMU Munich. It is a German University. However, it is the largest law school in Germany. This school offers the students a lot of courses in some special fields for the international students. Besides the foreign degrees, a student can get a German law degree. The research activities are really rich in this law school. However, this law school was started in 1472. Here, more than thirty professors are giving their services.

This law school provides Ph.D. The program, LLM in German Law, LLM on International economic law, etc degrees. Law School of LMU provides degrees for the students to build both public and private law careers on international and also national levels. So, the students of other countries can study here to build a strong law career. In the first year, the students are taught public law and criminal law that includes international law. In the second stage, they are given the depth study on any special subject such as social law, labor law, etc. Besides, this law school also attends some international schools and corporations for research projects.

Groningen University Law School

The Law Faculty of Groningen University is an institution that is existing nearby 4 countries. It is one of the best law schools in Europe. The advanced quality control system improves the research and study of law in this school. However, this faculty of law is the largest one in the Netherlands. The friendly atmosphere and better relationship between the staff and students are really very good. You will get many law subjects and specialized courses. There are full-time 38 professors, special 18 professors, and also six visiting professors. The total numbers of staff are 220. Generally, 65 courses are available in this law school in English. Here you can study European Economic Law, International Business Law, International Human Rights Law, Global Crime Law, and some others.

Edinburgh Law School

The University of Edinburgh is considered one of the biggest universities in the United Kingdom. Students from more than 156 countries are studying here. This university was ranked 4th in the United Kingdom in 2014 for quality research. However, it is the very old university of the world. This law school was formed in 1707. It is at the heart of the town. You can visit the website of Edinburgh Law School and apply online. For law students, there is a law council. There is also a law society named LawSoc. Besides, there is a research committee for postgraduate students.

Uppsala University Law School

It is a well-known law school. This law school is in Sweden. If you want to do a traditional legal career, you can choose this law school. Besides, you can make your business or public sector by doing a law course. Here, the law study is divided into two levels such as graduate and undergraduate level. However, if you want to do undergraduate, you need to complete six semesters. It contains 180 credits of basic subjects. The graduate level consists of 90 credits.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

If you desire to study abroad in law, you can choose this university because it offers a lot of choices for you. This university is in Italy. It is also known as Cattolica. It is a university that has four campuses in Italy. The academic community of this school is extensive. Here, a lot of researchers and scholars are working.

The law faculty of this university was formed in 1924. This faculty has become the prominent one and proves itself as the demandable subject in the world. By studying here, you not only build a legal career but also make a career in the private law profession or public administration or teaching in an international organization. Here, the students will get the profitable experience of learning.

University of Vienna Faculty of Law

It is a well-known law school in Austria. In this University, most of the subjects were taught in German. But nowadays, the classes are also held in English. The faculty of law contains the area such as International Law, Commercial Law, etc. The students who know German can also do the courses in Legal History, Legal Philosophy, and Roman Law. Besides, the student of the law of this university can do the internship in some big law firms in Vienna. The internship is also secure.

The students can study several law degrees such as LLM in International and European Business Law, Information and Media Law, International legal studies, etc.

University of Oslo Faculty of Law

This University is in Norway. It is an old Law School formed in 1811. It is one of the leading law institutions of Europe. It was the only law faculty of Norway. So, the law programs of this university are competitive. It offers both educational degrees and research. The master’s of Law contains five years of study. The Candidate of Law degree contains six years program. Besides these degrees, this faculty also provides degrees in Criminology, Sociology of Law, etc.

Before building a law career by going abroad in Europe, you should know about the best European Law Schools. Choose the country which is suitable for you. Then find out the best law school in this country. As the law is a good option for a career, a degree in law from the world-famous school is very important.

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