Fully Funded MBA Scholarships For International Students In USA

Anyone finding fully funded MBA scholarships for international students in USA? It’s a common and highly demanding program at this time. Lots of universities offer such MBAs to business studies students.

So, the expenses to complete the degree is also high. But a fully funded scholarship can make it easy. Students from any ethnicity may get a full USA scholarship for MBA. Here we will discuss the different scholarship programs for international students.

Government Fully Funded MBA Scholarships For International Students In USA
Every year the USA government sponsors lots of students from around the world for study. Mostly the insolvent students are from poor or developing countries. They offer such scholarships for their local candidates too. But a large number of schemes are opened for deprived applicants.

So, anyone can try to apply to this government scholarship for higher education. Here is the list of fully funded MBA scholarships for international students in USA below. Have a look:

Fulbright Foreign Scholarships
The Fulbright Foreign program is awarded to graduates, artists, and professionals. The USA government offers such aids for higher education in the USA. Every year around 4000 candidates are provided the scholarship. A Ph.D. or Master’s degree pursuer can apply.

Even a non-degree postgraduate student can also be entitled to the program. However, the scheme benefits a wide range of areas. It gives study costs, books, monthly stipend, health insurance, and flight ticket.

The MasterCard Foundation
It was established in 2012 to promote talented students worldwide. The students have limited resources but can flourish with proper support and guidance. So, the program provides financial aid to secondary, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. The scheme is offered to 15000 candidates every year. Students of any nationality are entitled to the program.

It gives all necessary expenses to complete studies. There are some universities where a student can study with a scholarship. Those are Michigan University, California University, Wellesley University, Arizona State, and Duke University.

Rotary Peace Scholarship
Rotary Peach scholarship is awarded to 50 Master’s program pursuers each year. It provides a fully-funded scholarship program to study in the USA. This scheme is for enrollment in North Carolina and Duke University. Some other non-US universities are also the host of this program.

However, the scheme gives lots of financial benefits. Such as tuition fees, textbooks, exam fees, accommodation, tickets etc. The time period for the scholarships is a maximum of two years.

Joint Japan Scholarship
Joint Japan or World Bank Scholarship is open for candidates from emerging countries. The scholarship is provided for Master’s degrees to candidates from the emerging region. With the help of the scheme, a student can enroll in any institution in the USA.

The foundation offers a couple of scholarships yearly. It undertakes all student costs such as accommodation, flight tickets, monthly costs, and tuition fees. Insurance cards are also issued to cover accident or emergency health treatment. Usually, the scholarship scheme covers all expenses for a two-year time period.

The Universities Offer MBA Scholarships
There are a couple of universities in the USA that award scholarships to overseas students. Those could be fully funded or partially funded. But many universities offer fully funded scholarships too. Those scheme most of the merit-based programs. The extraordinary students can be entitled to it. A candidate must have outstanding results and be involved in social activities.

For a master’s program, there might be a working requirement for applicants. So, the candidates meet all requirements and have talent, can achieve fully funded aid from the university. We have listed out a few institutions for the MBA program. Let’s have a glance:


These all are famous scholarships that are mentioned above. Find out online for more on the USA university’s websites. You can even contact them by email for a scholarship. So, a financial crisis cannot be an issue if anyone has potential and talent.

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