University Of Illinois Study Abroad Programs

Illinois University offers 150 programs with different faculty for foreign and local students. The university has undergraduate to postgraduate programs. And also, some programs are offered for professionals.

Law, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine, for example, are for professionals.

Apart from this, the quality of studies is ensured that ranked them among the top 10 universities. Some of their programs are given below.

  1. Agriculture.
  2. Environmental Sciences.
  3. Health Sciences.
  4. Business.
  5. Engineering
  6. Fine and Arts.
  7. Media and Social Works.
  8. Information Sciences

In every department, there are some allocated funds for students. During admission, students get fresher scholarships. There are also loans and grants for candidates to fulfill financial demands.

All of these grants come with a candidate’s outstanding result, good academic performance, and so on.

The reason for awarding such a scheme is to promote talented applicants. There are funds for the University of Illinois study abroad.

University Of Illinois Study Abroad Programs:

Need-based Scholarship

A need-based scholarship is given to the students who need financial supports.

For this type of scheme, a student must have a minimum GPA. Then they need financial statements to support their insolvent circumstances.

However, need-based scholarship is only available for local students.

International candidates cannot apply for this scholarship at the university. But still, they can apply for loans or grants if needed.

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Merit-based Scholarship

The merit-based scheme depends on academic results, social works, and many other things. Both domestic and overseas students can apply for the program.

One can apply for the scholarship in the spring and fall sessions during admission.

Other Scholarships

The university has some grants and loans for helping candidates. It offers some other sorts of financial funds besides merit and need-based scholarship.

The scholarships are provided below:

  1. Illinois Residents Scholarship.
  2. Matthews Scholarship.
  3. Tribe Scholarship.
  4. President’s Award Program.
  5. Provost Scholarship.
  6. Stamps Scholarship.
  7. Transfer Scholarship.

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