Is that why we should have life insurance?

Insurance plays a very important role in any financial structure. Insurers from the public form capital with small savings. By which man is endowed with any danger or compensation. This is the normal procedure of insurance. We must always be aware of this. Insurance companies also provide many services.

This includes small scale projects. By which many human works are accomplished. So each of us should be insured. It helps us a lot. It also plays a big role in the development of the country. So we should inform every family to insurance.

What are the benefits of insurance?

1) It forms a very large amount of capital little by little.

2) It can be the source of the last age of man.

3) If we do it, we are mentally better.

4) It is much higher in security.

5) The currency of the society is not devalued.

Usually there are many insurance companies in our society. But before we can insure a company, we must understand the financial structure. Need to know about their discounts. They need to know the process by which they transact. There are many types of insurance. Such as: life insurance, fixed term insurance, rural life insurance, expatriate insurance, social security insurance, Hajj insurance, mortgage security insurance, self, dependent insurance, etc.

We don’t know what happens in our life. So our society must always be aware of this. Insurance is not a bad thing. It greatly improves our quality of life. It also maintains a lot of peace in the family. Our next generation can set foot in a new future.

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Are all insurers correct?

There are many fraudsters in our society who steal millions of rupees from many people in the name of insurance. We must always be careful of them. In order to insurance a company, we have to go through 100% of the time with ideas about their legality. We need to find out if they have a government license.When a company offers to insure, we must seriously consider whether it has the ability to run that company.

Where can we insure in Bangladesh?

This is a very important question for our people. There are many people around us who have left their valuable money in insurance or savings in the hope of making more profit. We should save money or insure where we get 100 percent security so that our money will not be wasted. So it is very important for us to be aware of this.

We can do savings or life insurance in the scheduled bank of Bangladesh Bank. Such as: Islamic Bank, Janata Bank, Grameen Bank, City Bank etc.

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