Fully Funded MBA Scholarships In UK International Students

MBA degree is one of the most demanding courses nowadays. Getting a full scholarship for this degree is more challenging. Some universities offer partial and fully funded MBA scholarships in UK.

A student must have excellent results previously and be efficient in English. Besides, some other criteria must be fulfilled for eligibility. Otherwise, government or trust scholarships are also available for international graduates.

The Institute Provides Fully Funded MBA Scholarships In UK

The well-known educational institute offers a full bursary for MBA. A student may consider himself lucky to achieve this scholarship. The reason being selected for MBA scholarships is tough.

Thousands of applications are piled up for a fully funded scheme in different courses. If a hundred scholarships are given, then few are chosen for the MBA bursary. But still, there are chances if anyone begins processing earlier. Apart from this, have a look at the universities that give fully funded MBA scholarships in UK.

Birmingham University’s Scholarships

Birmingham University offers different courses, including business studies. The institute also provides a postgraduate bursary scheme. Especially full scholarships for foreign students on MBA.

As the Birmingham institute is one of the top universities. So, their requirement for scholarships is high as well. If any student has outstanding results, is skilled in English, and is active in social work, can achieve it.

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Cambridge University

Any student can complete an MBA study at Cambridge University. As it is one of the leading universities in the UK. Many legends took their education from this institute. So, the door is open for everyone across the world.

Cambridge University offers the Gates Cambridge scheme for postgraduates. Which is the donation of 210million dollars of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. The scholarship covers full study fees, accommodation, air tickets, etc.

Oxford University

It is every student’s dream to walk on Oxford University’s premises in life. Many well-known personalities were former students of Oxford University. But this dream remains a dream for many learners. Therefore, the institute grants financial aid to international students.

Oxford University provides Clarendon Scholarships for post-graduation. Every year around 140 bursaries are given in different courses. The scheme covers tuition fees, living costs, flight tickets once during the course, etc.

Nottingham University

Nottingham University grants 100% scholarship for master’s program. The institute offers 105 scholarships yearly for post-graduation. The scheme is given for international learners. Even the university grants half a scholarship as well. It depends on their decision. To get a Nottingham bursary, check the finance and scholarship area on their website.

Westminster University’s Scholarships

Westminster University awards full-time bursary for international students. Any student can choose any course for the scholarships. It provides schemes for postgraduate degrees. The scheme includes tuition fees, living costs, accommodation, tickets, etc.

But all these come for good marks in graduation courses. Students have to show potentiality in developing at the same time. However, the financial aid is given for one or a year only, depending on the subject.

The University With Half Scholarships

As mentioned earlier, getting a full scholarship for an MBA degree is quite difficult. In spite of having excellent marks and potentiality, one student can be rejected. It totally depends on the decision of the authority of an institute. But we advise you to apply earlier if anyone can meet the eligibility. The chances for last time applicant is very less.

For postgraduate scholarships, the university demands working experience. Should anyone have good results, work experience, meet English requirements, they can get a bursary. However, there are lots of institutes that provide a half bursary for international students. That’s also helpful for many students. Have a glance at the universities below:

  1. Glasgow University.
  2. Henley Business School.
  3. Durham University.
  4. Surrey University.
  5. Stamford University.
  6. Melbourne University.
  7. IU Internationals (Indian and African nations only).

There’s some institute that grants scholarship, especially for female students. Visit the universities website for details.

In A Nutshell

Many companies also sponsor excellent students for higher education from their country. If anyone desperately needs one scholarship, UK government scholarships are available. British Chevening, Commonwealth, Rhodes scholarships are some of them. On the other hand, some UK foundations offer postgraduate scholarships.

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