How To Apply For Free Scholarship In Canada For Internationals Students

Canada is the final destination for many people for first-class life, world-class education, job, and safety. But entering the country is not easy for the citizens of developing countries. Even it is challenging to afford higher study in Canada for them. However, we will show the method on how to apply for free scholarship in Canada.

How To Apply For Free Scholarship In Canada

There’s no alternative to present an outstanding result for a scholarship application. Some universities grant full, or some offer partial financial aid. Depending on a student’s previous result.

Some other activists are also determined during selecting for a scholarship. But a good result is not everything. A student must follow the procedure of applying for it. So, have a look at the steps of how to apply for free scholarship in Canada below:

Study Hard And Participate In Extracurricular Activities

It is a dream for many students to study in the USA, UK, or Canada. But living and getting higher education in these countries does not come free. Even it is luxurious for many families. Therefore, the students have been dreaming since their childhood, so we advise them to study hard. Excellent marks in academic results can open all doors in many fields.

At the same time, be active in another curriculum besides study. If anyone has average results but very much potential for the future, can be selected. Only academic results can not give such an opportunity. So, a student has to be prominent both in the study and other works.

Get Ready The Important Document

In Canada, the universities mostly teach in the English Language. Some universities teach in French. The students of Asia mainly take English lessons. So, like many countries, Canada also accepts A-levels and O-level certificates. In many cases, it requires an IELTS/PTE or TOEFL certificate.

Except for these certificates, a student needs an undergraduate or postgraduate transcript. It depends on which course is selected. Except for the documents, a student may need to write his statement (bio-data). This paper is required by many European, USA, Canada etc countries. All of these documents and the certificate must impress the university authority to get a full scholarship.

Remember one thing: one should apply for a scholarship earlier. The late submission is not accepted. And also, the students who apply at the last minute have rarer chances for achieving the scheme. On the other hand, check out the website of your favorite institution for their eligibility list. Different institutions may have different requirements.

Apply For A Scholarship Package

Before selecting any course at any university, check carefully whether the university provides a scholarship. Many universities don’t grant scholarships in particular subjects. So, consider this as well.

Here we will list down the institute that offers full scholarships to international. However, some institutes have affordable tuition fees as well. Those universities are also given here. Therefore, go with the universities that best suit your demand.

Affordable Universities In Canada

Here are some lists of the cheap universities in Canada. If anyone doesn’t get a full scholarship, they can apply here. Many international students enroll in these institutions every year. They ensure the best study compared to top universities. Canadian citizens also take admission in these institutions. Now have a look at them:

Newfoundland & Labrador University

20% of the total students of the university are internationals because of the cheap cost. The Undergraduate Programs will cost $9,035 yearly. The post-graduate Graduate Programs will cost $5,245 yearly.

Manitoba University

The university offers numerous courses for all local and international students. Such as Environment, Agriculture, Engineering, Human Ecology, Business, etc. the university will cost undergraduate programs $12,455 yearly. Post Graduate Programs will cost $9,220 yearly.

Concordia University

This is one of the popular universities in Montreal, Quebec. It is best known for Business school John Molson. 31% of students study here are internationals. However, the undergraduate and postgraduate fees, respectively $15,620 and $12,190 yearly.

McGill University

This institution is a public research institution that offers more than 300+ programs. This institution is among the top 3 institutions in Canada. 30% of learners who are foreign come from 150 different countries. The university’s yearly fees for undergraduate degrees are $17,800, and post-graduates $11,295.

The Institution Offers Full Scholarship In Canada

Some institutes only give tuition fees as a scholarship program. But living in Canada also costs other expenses. So, if anyone is applying for a full scheme, make sure the scheme covers living costs.

However, for being updated visit their site. Now have a glance at the universities that offers a full scholarship in the different course:

Undergraduate Degree

  1. Toronto University.
  2. York University.
  3. Carleton University.
  4. British Columbia University (also Ph.D.).

Master’s Degree

  1. Manitoba University (also Ph.D.).
  2. Calgary University (also Ph.D.).
  3. McGill University.


Now the interested candidates know how to apply for free scholarship in Canada. And also, how to prepare themselves for getting a full scholarship scheme. They will benefit from the list of universities with different financial packages.

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