Top 5 Fully Funded Scholarships In Germany For International Students

Presenting fully funded scholarships in Germany for international students. Germany is one of the best countries to study compared to European countries. It finances unstable students from Asia, Africa, Europe, etc. So, the government of Germany and some foundations have a finance program to support potential candidates. Its main aim is to bring out future leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, and so on.

Top 5 Fully Funded Scholarships In Germany For International Students

Germany is the cheapest country to study among the European countries. The country is very warm to welcome overseas students. A student from an emerging country can also dream of studying in Germany.

That’s why it provides financial aid to all local and international candidates. There are government, non-government, religious, and political foundations to assist students. So, see the fully funded scholarships in Germany for international students:

1. DAAD Scholarships

Daad scholarship offers a wide variety of programs to study. This scholarship is provided for international students. This is a famous scholarship in Germany. Around 100,000 from foreign and local gain the scholarship. There is no restriction on nationality, though. But a student has to meet some criteria to apply for it.

Mainly the scholarships are given for master’s or PHD programs. So, a student has to graduate with excellent marks. There’s also some requirements. So, check out the official page to apply and more details.

2. Erasmus Scholarships

The European Commission manages the Erasmus scholarship. It mainly works on funding for foreign candidates. The candidates come from developing or poor areas of the world. The students are talented but have fallen behind due to insufficient facilities. Erasmus scholarship is provided to those applicants.

So, they can take higher education and utilize their potential. With the help of the scholarships, a student can take admission to any institute in Germany. This is a full scholarship program.

3. Heinrich Boll Scholarships

Every year approximately 1200 students are entitled to Heinrich Boll scholarships for bachelor, master’s, or PHD. The international candidates wishing to study in Germany can apply for this scholarship. All undergraduate, postgraduate, and PHD applicants of any nationality can get the scholarship. It depends on their academic results and other activities, though.

However, the scholarship funds students for science or arts programs. There might be some additional requirements to apply. So, check out the eligibility list first. And always apply on time to ensure a place.

4. Konrad-Adenauer Scholarships

This scholarship is especially given for postgraduate and phd degrees. The scholarship was founded with the aim of promoting international applicants. Every year lots of students from different countries study with these scholarships. Students can choose any program to study with a scholarship.

Besides, it is a fully funded scheme that covers all expenses of an applicant. However, applying for the program, a student must complete graduation from his country. Then there’s some language requirement as well.

5. Humboldt Research Scholarships

Humboldt Research scholarship is one of the prestigious scholarships in Germany. It was founded by the government of Germany. Every year it introduces 700 awards and fellowships to the candidates of science and humanities. It is mainly funded for Phd and research programs.

German students, scientists, and any foreign student are welcome to this scholarship. So, anyone interested in research or PHD can apply for it. There’s no boundaries for any ethnicity.

Some Other Scholarships In Germany

The universities of Germany usually support students financially. It is really expensive to complete higher education. For international students, it is more costly to pay both for living and education. So, the institute gives scholarships, fellowships, and awards for master’s PHD and research.

Even with the help of the government or non-government scholarships scheme, a candidate can continue studies. However, there are some other foundations that work for abroad students. So, have a glance at them:

Einstein International Fellowship.

Kurt Hansen Scholarships.

Marie Curie Fellowships.

Deutschland Stipendium.

Helmholtz Association.


There are numerous scholarships in Germany. The institute also provides full and partial bursaries. But the competition is high as well. Students with outstanding results and involved in voluntary activities are able to get one. So study hard and be active in extracurricular activities.