Top 5 Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships In Germany

16 German states ruled out tuition fees from public universities in 2014. So, students from national or international need not pay tuition fees. But this service is no longer available as the fees were reintroduced in 2017. New rules are imposed on non-EU students to pay fees. However, many institutes offer fully funded undergraduate scholarships in Germany. This scheme is planned for learners from emerging regions.

5 Top Universities With Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships In Germany

Compared with other EU institutes, the cost of study in Germany is fair enough. But there are lots of learners from outside who barely manage to pay. So, the university has scholarships to promote talented students.

The students with academic results can apply to any university. Therefore, we have listed down some institutes with fully funded undergraduate scholarships in Germany. Have a look at them:

1. Munich Technical University

Munich is one of the best universities in Germany. It is a well-known public university for higher education. It offers more than 15 faculties to study. Such as Economics, Mathematics, Aviation, Engineering, Sports, etc. Students from Germany, Europe or non-European are welcome to this institute.

Even it supports the candidates from developing countries financially. The university has different scholarship schemes for different programs. Usually, the institute provides 500 to 1500 German currency per semester. But the scholarship is renewable every semester. Students’ academic performance is also considered during the renewal.

2. Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University has a reputation for teaching and research orientation. The institution provides well-qualified teachers and world-class education. So the students can utilize their talent properly. The university has a wide range of programs to offer all international and German students. It welcomes lots of foreign candidates to study in the university.

Even it gives financial grants so a student can continue studying. The grants are merit-based, though. During the application, the authority determines results, volunteering activities, and many other things. Then they are entitled to any of the following scholarship programs.

Faculty Scholarship ($15,000 yearly).

Dean’s Scholarship ($17,000 yearly).

Presidential Scholarship ($20,000 yearly).

3. Humboldt University

Humboldt University is a highly recommended university to all international students. The university has around 35,475 learners in degree courses. 5,610 are foreign students among them. Students enjoy learning in the institute because it has different faculties. Theology, Business, Law, Science, Arts, etc. Moreover, the institute offers all undergraduate, master’s, and research programs.

Besides, they ensure all financial facilities complete a course. The scholarship the university offers is mainly merit-based. They have a scholarship scheme for both local and abroad students. But a student must have some potential and good results to achieve full funding. So, check out the university’s website to see the eligibility list and how to apply.

4. RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen is ranked among the top 10 institutes in Germany. Every year many abroad candidates choose this institute for their degree program. Even it is well-known for research and teaching. The university ensures all facilities and supports students to study comfortably. An applicant can find a favorite program in the institute. The university offers all courses for an undergraduate to research programs.

However, the university awards full scholarships to German and non-EU students. Moreover, a student can study in any program with the help of a government scholarship too. So, apply earlier and ensure one place on their scholarship scheme.

5. Karlsruhe Technology Institute

Karlsruhe Technology University is a public research institution in Germany. It promotes all students from around the world. Besides, the teachers come from foreign. So it’s a great chance to exchange knowledge. The university offers different programs to get different degrees. The programs provided by the university are Natural Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Economics, etc.

However, the university has various scholarship schemes for undergraduate and master’s programs. Anyone can apply to be entitled to their scholarships scheme to smooth their study path. In addition, there’s no ethnic barrier to applying for admission or scholarship.

Fully Funded Government And Non-Government Scholarships
Apart from the universities, the German government also has Scholarships schemes for international students. Even the non-governmental foundation gives away finance to insolvent students.

Both the local and abroad students can apply for a Scholarships program. This is a fully funded scheme, so it covers all expenses. With the assistance of the below scholarships, admission can be taken to any university. So, have a look at them below:


Hopefully, the valuable information regarding scholarships will help all interested students. Applicants with good marks and involved in extracurricular activities have high chances to get scholarships. So, apply now! But the outstanding performance must be continued to keep the financial support incessant.

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