10+ Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships In UK

Anyone looking for fully funded undergraduate scholarships in UK? Achieving an undergraduate bursary is quite tough. The trust or government prestigious scholarship is given for the master’s program. So, there’s no scope for an undergraduate degree.

On the other hand, university scholarships are limited. Mostly it is a giveaway for postgraduate study. The few seats left for bachelors are highly competitive. But not impossible! One can still apply if he/she is granted it! Entitled to this package, one has to be extraordinary, potential, and contributor.

Top 10 Universities Offers Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships In UK
Here is the list of the universities that give fully funded financial aid to international students. The learners who need it the most can consider the universities to study there. The universities are well-known and reputed for ensuring world-class education.. Now have a look at them below:

1. Newcastle University

The university offers scholarships for graduate and postgraduate degrees to internationals. Its aim is to encourage learners from developing countries to complete their studies. However, the institute gives both partial and complete scholarships to students. The total bursary it provides is 14 in any subject. The other expenses of a student, whether payable or not, are decided by the institute.

2. Kingston University

The university offers a fully-funded bursary to international learners on any subject. It provides three years of undergraduate scholarship. The full-time aid depends on satisfactory results, though. It has a budget of £200,000 for scholarships each year. The university doesn’t havea fixed number of bursaries. The many who can fit on the amount will be awarded the scholarships.

3. London King College

The King College offers a prestigious Law Scholarship (Dickson Poon) to fresher Law students. They give away 30 scholarships each year. So the competition is high. The students have to be active in the School community.

The institute only awards the scheme for undergraduate law degrees. It is a full-time scholarship of £5,000 yearly. During the first year of any students, they will find complimentary accommodation from the university.

4. University College London

UCL offers scholarship programs to different stages of internationals. Mainly it awards the scheme to financially unstable students. But asylum seekers or unemployed who have university offer letters can be entitled to the scheme.

They can apply for university loans as well. However, total scholarships are not specific. A student may have £10,750 yearly, including living costs. The scholarship is given for the entire period of the course.

5. Oxford colleges

A couple of Oxford colleges give full-time tuition fees to students from developing regions. The Reach Oxford scheme covers all expenses, for example, accommodation, study fees, tickets, etc.

The lucky candidate with scholarships can take any subject except medicine. The scholarship doesn’t cover the cost, that’s why. The scheme length is 3-4 years. However, getting an Oxford scholarship is honorable but challenging at the same time.

6. Nottingham Trent University

The university’s scholarships are specially planned for needy and poor candidates. Especially those who cannot support themselves for higher education. The university provides a four-year full scholarship for undergraduate degrees. A student can take any subject for undergraduate study. On the other hand, there is no fixed number of scholarships.

7. Kent University

Kent is a lovely university for internationals. It warmly welcomes many foreign students every year. The institute doesn’t have a particular number of financial aids. But their budget per study is £5000. Whoever can satisfy their demand with an outstanding result can be entitled to the scheme. However, there’s no boundaries to choose any program for the scholarships.

8. Sussex University

The institute offers a merit-based waiver for international students. Their total offering of scholarships is not fixed. The students have to apply earlier to get it with good results. The institute gives £3,000 yearly for admission to any course. During the first year, a student will find £1,500 extra.

9. Coventry University

Coventry University awards with CAPS scholarship (merit-based) to internationals. The students who are admitted to undergraduate programs can have the waiver. The aids are given for one year mainly. But it can be renewed depending on academic progress. The value of the financial support is £1500 each year.

10. Bradford University

The institution awards a couple of scholarships to postgraduate and undergraduate students. Their scholarships are offered mainly for foreign students. Their aim is to provide these facilities to ensure education for everyone. A candidate has the choice to choose any subjects from the university. The bursary is available for all subjects.

Requirements For Undergraduate Studies

The first requirement of undergraduate admission is successful completion of high school. The UK universities accept the different certificate of high school from many countries. For example, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placements, and A level. If anyone doesn’t have the relevant certificate, then they must have IELTS. Different institutes have different IELTS scores depending on the chosen course.

On the other hand, many universities also accept foundation courses. Then they don’t need IELTS or other English courses. So, check out the requirement list on the university’s website for full details. So, any student who needs financial aid must have one of these certificates with excellent marks.

Besides, they have to show some efficiency in other fields. Extracurricular activities or sports, for instance. A student may have to submit financial documents for fully funded undergraduate scholarships in UK. Then the university’s authority will take the decision whether a student will get it.

How To Apply For Scholarships In The UK

Every international student has to apply through UCAS for an undergraduate degree in the UK. UCAS manages the admission applications in the UK. Any student can directly contact their favorite university. But chances are less to respond.

So, it’s an excellent idea to apply through UCAS and save time. UCAS is a portal for submitting applications and documents to different universities in the UK. A student can apply to a maximum of five institutes at the same time with various courses. The fees for the service are also cheap, £12 per course. Within a few days, the universities will contact via the UCAS.

Now coming to scholarships, every institution has its own requirement for this scheme. After being accepted by a university, anyone can email them regarding the bursary. Or else, visit the website of your selected university and search for scholarships from the menu. There must be an option on how to apply for financial aids. You may need to submit a high school certificate, personal statement, financial documents, etc. Then you might be selected for partial or full scholarships.

However, getting full scholarships is not so easy. Thousands of students apply for scholarships, but a few can achieve it. But no need to be disappointed. Apply earlier starting of your course. Then your personal statement must have something that impresses the authority.

Final Words

A couple of universities award 25%, 50%, and 75% of waivers during admission. Many universities also offer region-based scholarships, for example, African countries. Besides, there are lots of institutes that provide partial bursaries.

So, it’s up to a student which scheme is suitable for them. Living and studying in a country like the UK is really costly. So, partial scholarships are helpful sometimes.

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