International Scholarships For Nigerian Students

Nigeria is a West African country, with 40% of its population living below the poverty line. Literacy rates often fluctuate here. From 2018 to 2021, educated people accounted for 62% of the total population. However, in 2008 it was 51.8% less than 19.12% compared to the 2006 statistics. But, many European, non-European, and Asian countries have been trying to boost the percentage with monetary programs.

In many universities, foundations or governments have international scholarships for Nigerian students. With the aim of bringing a significant impact economically, socially, politically, and so on. So, stay with us to learn more regarding the scholarships and application process.

International Scholarships For Nigerian Students
Numerous scholarships are attainable for international students in any country of the world. Some scholarships are only awards to Nigerian candidates. This measure is taken to educate, promote and empower them.

This way, they take part in the world’s leadership and contribute to global changes. With the assistance of financial help, they can pursue studies in any country. So, there are sorted out ten prevalent countries with their exclusive grants for Nigerians.

1. Canadian Scholarships For Nigerian Students
Scholarships are introduced to help out students from insolvent families or countries. So that they can continue their study and do something in life. But it isn’t provided massively. Selecting for such a fund, some criteria are considered. There are different kinds of scholarship programs. Need-based and merit-based, for example.

In Canada, lots of non-profitable foundations and organizations have the scheme. Even the government awards full funding scholarships to promote most potential learners. There’s no ethnicity restriction to apply for the public bursary. You can view the below website to find any suitable scholarship:

Iconic is the most visited and popular website to find scholarships in Canada. There are various lists of universities on the site. Besides, different bursaries, awards, and grants are also available. So, those who need any kind of formation regarding loans, budget, application, etc, can get them easily.

Education & Training

On this site, candidates can get plenty of information about scholarships in Canadian universities. Besides, anyone who takes any training course and needs funds also can benefit from the site. Moreover, the site has sufficient data about employment opportunities, bursaries, and so on.

International Scholarships

The internationals can search to find Canadian funds for study in the country. Every student from any country can have grants to study in. So, it’s a good website to search than finding randomly. If anyone subscribes to the site, they can always have updated information according to the search. Therefore, anyone can be tense and hassle-free.

Moreover, the Canadian institution gives away lots of scholarships for foreign students yearly. At Canadian University, 3,500 schemes are given every year to study there. Apart from the universities, there are much other public and private universities with scholarships. But the number of funds is limited compared to public universities.

The students must have the talent to achieve a scholarship. Candidates with good marks and some potentiality are ahead of other candidates. However, in Canada, there are few universities that offer reasonable tuition fees for international. So have a glance at the university with the full scholarship scheme below:

Undergraduate Degree

Carleton University.
York University.
Toronto University.
Queen’s University.
Waterloo University.
British Columbia University (also Ph.D.).
Master’s Degree

McGill University.
Winnipeg University.
Calgary University (also Ph.D.).
Manitoba University (also Ph.D.).
Nigerian students can apply for any scholarship in Canada from their country. Online application is the easiest method for international candidates. So, have a look at how to apply for Canadian scholarships for Nigerian students:

Decide which university you want to enroll in first. For a scholarship application, you need to take admitted at any university. Then you should proceed to the next step.

Then visit the website of the scholarship foundation or organization. If you choose the same university, it will be easy. Go to the scholarship option. View their requirements there.

For application, one needs to meet all requirements. Then you have to submit some papers.
That could be the academic result, reference letter, CV, voluntary work certificate, work experience, etc.
All your transcripts must have a minimum score to apply. For Bachelor’s and PhD, you don’t need work experience.
The CV has to be plagiarism, grammar, and spelling mistake-free. That has to be written on your own.
So, arrange all important papers and scan them. Make sure you submit them by the deadline. The application isn’t accepted after the deadline.
After reviewing all documents, they will reply to you via email. They may ask for additional documents if necessary. Otherwise, call for an interview if everything is alright.
After a successful meeting, they will inform you about their decision.

2. UK Scholarships For Nigerian Students
According to UNESCO, Nigerian students’ first choice for abroad education in the UK. There are 13% Nigerian of total international candidates in the universities. So, a couple of foundations and institutions provide priority to Nigerians.

Even the UK’s most popular scholarship is available for all nationalities. They give full or partial funds for an undergraduate to Ph.D. degrees. Below we will discuss the UK scholarships for Nigerian students:

Chevening Scholarship

Chevening scholarship was established by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in 1983. The foundation provides full funds for a one-year Master’s program. Every year approximately 1500 candidates are nominated from any country. The British Embassy does hunting for talented students. So, any nationality, including Nigerian, can apply for the Chevening scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth Scholarships are only open for the listed countries of the Commonwealth. Every year 800 lucky applicants are entitled to Commonwealth funds. However, this financial aid is given for postgraduate and Phd degrees. The students with the scholarship get the chance to study at any university in the UK. They find all necessary grants, including living, studying and travel costs.

Rhodes Trust

Rhodes Trust Scholarship is the prestigious and oldest program for abroad students. This fund is applicable to postgraduate students. The 95 Rhodes scheme is given to any ethnicity each year. The foundation only covers the tuition fees to study at Oxford. Moreover, it offers £15,900 for an annual stipend to students.

Africa Initiative Governance Fellowship

This kind of funds is offered to Ghanaians and Nigerians for Master’s programs. The selective students with outstanding results are usually nominated. Oxford University’s students are entitled to the scheme for training in public policy and governance. So, only Africans can have this scheme.

Everyone knows that the UK has the world’s most famous university. Many legends were former students of such institutions. Moreover, the institutions are warming to welcome candidates from different countries. There are many universities that give various scholarships, bursary and monitory packages. Here is the institution with full funding schemes below:

Cambridge University (Gates Cambridge Scholarship).
Oxford University (Clarendon, Rhodes, Scholarship).
Westminster University (Westminster Scholarship).
Birmingham University (Numbers of scheme for Nigerians).
London King College (Dickson Poon).
Coventry University (CAPS scholarship).

Now you know the institution and foundation with their various funds and schemes. You have to know how to apply to the program as well. So, have a look at the method of application process below:

Find out the website of the scholarship that attracts you the most. One candidate can apply to multiple scholarships. So, search for more than one website to apply.
Then see their requirements and eligibility list. Check the deadline carefully. You must apply within certain periods.
You may need some important documents. Those are academic certificates, voluntary worlds papers, CVs, reference letters etc. academic certificates depending on the program you wish to enroll in. If you want to admit to postgraduate, then you need undergraduate certificates.
CV/essay have to be written on your own. It has to be original, spelling and grammar mistake-free.
Arrange the main certificate and scan to email them. You must fill up a scholarship form and submit it. After sending all documents, you are done with your application process.
Then wait to hear from them for the next steps.
The entire procedure is lengthy enough and a little bit complex. So, start everything earlier.

3. Scholarships For Nigerian Students In The USA
Studying in the USA could be a dream for foreign students. Recently 1.1 million overseas students have been studying in the country. However, living and studying in America isn’t cheap. So, money can be the first barrier for many candidates.

But the good news is the US government, and non-profitable organizations support insolvent applicants. Let’s have a look at the scholarships for Nigerian students in the USA:

Fulbright Foreign Program

US embassies or Fulbright Commissions administer the Fulbright Foreign Program. Every year 4000 candidates are nominated from over 160 countries. It finances foreign graduates, young professionals, and artists. Even more, the foundation provides an opportunity for English teachers to practice in the country. They can teach in their mother languages too at USA institutions.

MasterCard Foundation Scholars

The foundation started its journey in 2012 to support the most talented students around the world. It has already financed 15000 candidates within 9/10 years. However, California, Arizona State, Wellesley, Duke, and Michigan University are the partners of the scholarship. Students from any nationality can apply to study in undergraduate, Masters or secondary school.

Obama Foundation

The Barack Obama Foundation was introduced in 2010 to empower young Africans. The foundation offers a scholarship Master’s program in Arts. So, it covers all expenses for one year, including travel costs. Besides, the scholarship is given for academic training and leadership. A student can study at Chicago University and Harris School with assistance.

Bill Gates Foundation

Bill Gates scholarship is the most famous scholarship in America. The foundation has introduced many programs to help candidates. Even Bill and Melinda French have donated millions of dollars to educate and empower talented students. Gates Millenium Scholarship, William Gates Law Programs, University Programs etc some of their scholarships. They offer full expenses to study in Master’s, undergraduates, and Ph.D.

Apart from the public scholarship, there are lots of institutions that have scholarships. The university has many other financial programs as well. So, any candidate can find their suitable packages. Here are the some of universities with Scholarships:

American University (Global Leader Scholarship).
Clark University (LEEP Scholarship).
AAUW (Women Fellowship).
Stanford University (Knight-Hennessy program).
Duke University (BMGF Scholarship).
Catherine University (Leadership Scholarship).
Now let’s have talked about how to apply international scholarships for Nigerian students:
Check out the website of different scholarships of universities and government. Start your proceeding during or at the end of your high school. All this procedure needs a certain time.
Some scholarships allow any candidate from various ethnicities. And some allow only Nigerian candidates. Decide which one you prefer the most.

On the website of the scholarships, there are full details. It is about what papers are needed and how to apply. There’s also a deadline for each scholarship. So, never exceed the timeline.
For a scholarship application, a student needs important documents regarding academics. Scan your secondary school, higher secondary school, graduation, or Master’s certificate. Make sure you have the required marks the scholarship asks for.
You might need to submit additional papers such as IELT/TOEFL. Some extracurricular activities papers if you have. That increases the chances and separates the application from others.
Then one needs a reference letter, CV, essay, etc, as supporting documents. All you need to do is email them. After receiving all papers and reviewing them, they will call for an interview. After the final meeting, they will inform you whether you are selected or not.
4. Germany Scholarship For Nigerian Students
Germany is a friendly and warm country for international citizens. The country welcomes lots of foreign people for education or work purposes. Even the country provides many facilities for students and professionals. So, they can stay peacefully.

In Germany, many states already abolished tuition fees in 2014. A vast amount of people in Germany think education should be free for everyone. But in 2017, the rules changed a bit. Only EU citizens don’t need to pay fees in Germany.

However, there are numerous foundations in the country that offer fully-funded scholarships to foreigners. Having any of the schemes can make it easy to study there. Now let’s have a look at Germany Scholarship For Nigerian Students:

Daad Scholarship

Daad foundation is the largest scholarship foundation established in 1925. The foundation offers 100,000 awards yearly to aboard students. The scholarship is given for Master’s and Ph.D. programs. A candidate with the scheme can enjoy lots of benefits during his studies. They can even be accompanied by their families too.

Erasmus Scholarships

The European Commission administers this scholarship. This is a full funding scheme for students from emerging countries. The funds cover all necessary costing of a student. But before applying to this fund, a candidate has to enroll in any German institution first.

Heinrich Boll Scholarships

The foundation gives away 1200 scholarships to talented students from any region. Financial support is provided for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. Applicants from any ethnicity can apply for the fund.

There are some other foundations working for international students. So, Nigerian students can check the foundations.

Kurt Hansen Scholarships.
Helmholtz Association.
Deutschland Stipendium.
Marie Curie Fellowships.
Masta Scholarship.
Well, there are many universities that are budget-friendly for international candidates. And also, many universities provide scholarships for abroad candidates. So, let’s see them:

Berlin Technical University.
Dortmund Technical University.
Munich Technical University.
Stuttgart University.
Freiburg University.
Karlsruhe Institute.
Stuttgart University.

The application process to any foundation is quite easy. A student must have sufficient time to apply. Otherwise, the request won’t be accepted. Besides, an applicant must have a good score in academic results. Different organizations might have different GPA requirements, though. Before making an application, view the eligibility and requirement list first.

For non-European or candidates whose first language is not English, they may need IELTS. In some universities, students have to be influent in German languages too for admission. However, being active in social or voluntary work strengthens the application. So, don’t forget to mention them in the application form. Now have a look at the procedure below:

Go to the scholarship website and create your account. If it is not required to open an account, check their email address. It means you have to submit everything via email.

Then scan all the documents they want. On the website, they have a full list. Anyone can apply for more than one scholarship scheme. So, it raises the opportunity of getting at least one fund.

After submitting the documents, wait for their reply. They will come back after reviewing all papers.
If your application is successful, they can call for an interview. After the interview, they will decide whether you are selected or not.

5. Australian Scholarships For Nigerian Students
The Australian government has taken a measure to promote students from poor countries. The students have talent and intelligence but need help to reveal. So, by helping out those deprived students, we can have future leaders. Therefore, the Australian public funds target the emerging countries of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, etc.

The foundation finances the students who cannot afford higher education. Moreover, the universities of Australia offer financial packages besides scholarships. The universities have both partial and full funds for domestic and international candidates. But the public and other foundations focus mainly on foreign students. It means they welcome more overseas students. Take a look at the scholarships below:

Australia Awards Scholarship

Foreign Affairs & Trade department managed the AAS organization. The organization awards lots of full scholarship international candidates. It offers full funding to Asians, Africans, and other candidates from developing countries. So, Nigerian students can apply for Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees.

Destination Australia Awards

This scholarship provides the student with outstanding results and potential. It is a merit-based scholarship given to any nationality. The foundation chooses 1000 students from the entire world. A selected applicant will get $11,000 yearly for tuition fees. Some other expenses are offered as well.

Research Training Program

This sort of fund is allocated for research or Ph.D. candidates. It requires lots of money to carry out research. It is hard for students from the insolvent family. So, a bright student with excellent results can apply to this fund. It undertakes all costs related to the research.

There are many universities in Australia that have funds for Nigerian students. Even they offer scholarships for all nationalities. So, here are some institutions with full schemes. Have a look at them:

The universities mainly look for talent among students for grating monetary funds. Whereas public or foundation scholarship considers one’s needs as well. The number of schemes is also excessive.

In contrast, institutional aid is limited and students are evaluated sharply. However, the process is almost the same whether it is a public or private scholarship. Let’s see how to apply for Australian scholarships for Nigerian students:

You need to collect all academic papers first. Transcript of Bachelor’s or Master’s or both, for example. Then write a CV/essay. For postgraduate you need 2-year working experience papers. Don’t forget to arrange a reference letter from your previous university.
If you have awards or records of voluntary work, attract or mention them. It raises the chances of getting a scheme.
Then create an account on the official site of any Australian scholarship. If it is not required, check how to apply to the funds. For online applications, you may have to email them.
So, email them the scan copy of each of the documents. For internationals, they may ask for passport copies, photos, etc.
For a need-based scheme, you have to submit a financial statement of your or your family’s income.
Make sure you start your processing early. After sending all the papers, they will take some time to reply. It takes around two to three months to complete the process.
6. China Scholarship For Nigerian Students
The Chinese government awards their official scholarships to international students. They mainly focus on candidates from emerging countries. So, Nigerian students are welcome to receive public scholarships. Nigerians are restricted in many universities of China, though. Still, there are lots of universities in different states that offer funds to Nigerians.

Currently, almost 7000 students are studying in China’s various institutions. Around 600 candidates under government scholarship. But this situation will change soon for Nigerians. Here is the China scholarship for Nigerian students:

Chinese Government Scholarship

CGS is a public scholarship program sponsored by the Chinese government. The government provides full funding to foreign candidates. The program was established by the Education Ministry of China. 274 universities are cooperating with CGS programs for students from Africa, Asia, and so on.

However, this scholarship is given in two ways to applicants. One is through university. That means if the listed university grants admission, anyone can be entitled to the CGS program. Another one is the Chinese Embassy. China has had diplomatic relations with other countries. So, the country’s students can get CGS funds.

Tongji University Scholarship Program

This scholarship is a non-degree Foundation offered at Tongji University. The program is split into two semesters. However, RMB 14500 is given for the fall semester and RAM 19350 for the Spring semester. The program is taught in the English language.

Jiangsu University Scholarship Program

A pre-university non-degree program is offered at Jiangsu University. The program is one semester-long and provides monetary help to aboard candidates. The students need improvement before enrolling in university so they can take the course. However, the foundation gives $1208 for semesters.

Shenyang Aerospace Foundation

This is an international students program that is one year long. Before taking admission to any university, any student can complete the course. This is an improvement non-degree course taught in English. The university offers $2,168 for the entire course to foreign candidates.

Apart from the scholarships above, Nigerian students can take admission to the following universities. The institution below offers full funding for many aboard candidates. Moreover, the scholarship is provided for studying in various programs. So, have a glance at them:

China Medical.
Zhejiang University.
Chongqing University.
Nankai University.
Central South University
Shandong University
Shenyang University
Tianjin University.
Geosciences University (Wuhan).
Nottingham Ningbo University.
The application process for the China scholarship is the same as other scholarships. Students have to apply online. So, there is the method of how to apply for the scholarship:

Search the website of different universities that offer scholarships. For CGS, a student has to apply through the CGS portal. Create an account on the portal first.
For a CGS scholarship, one can apply to three universities at the same time. The institutions must be corporate to the program too.
Many universities accept both local and domestic students. But the CGS program is only for foreign candidates. So, Chinese students cannot apply to the program.
Then a candidate needs a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. certificate. IELTS/TOEFL is also required. Scan all papers to submit them.
For international applicants, they need passport photocopy, photos, etc to submit.
Then fill up the application form in English or Chinese language. Submit all documents properly.
Within a short time, they will inform you whether you are nominated or not.
7. France Scholarship For Nigerian Students
France has a reputation for diverse traditions and cultures. They emphasize culture and education mostly. The country invites different nationalities for education, work, migration etc. The universities of France offer monetary support to learners from developing countries.

The government and many foundations have funds for insolvent students. It’s an excellent way of sharing knowledge, technology, ideas and so on. Moreover, the students can contribute globally. Here are the France Scholarship For Nigerian Students:

Eiffel Scholarships

Eiffel scholarship was introduced by the French Europe Ministry & Foreign Affairs. It enables the students from poor countries to study with assistance. The scholarship is awarded for Master’s and Phd programs in the field of science and Humanities. Candidates of any nationality with excellent marks can apply. However, the funds bear all expenses, including tuition fees, monthly stipends, travel etc.

Quai d’Orsay Program

This is a French embassy sponsored scholarship for Nigerian students. The candidates from Nigeria who want to study for a Master’s can apply. Such funds are offered for Economics, Management and international law. However, the total number of the scheme is three. So, a very competitive scholarship. But if anyone has enough capability and potentiality can achieve it.

Erasmus Mundus Masters Program

This scholarship is a joint scholarship program for Master’s degree. Many institutions and non-profitable organisations are partners of the foundation. It selects students from different countries worldwide. The EU sponsors the scholarship for abroad candidates. However, the fund bears the cost for one to two years.

These are some French universities for African students. The university offers full and half scholarships for abroad learners. Even the institution has different monetary programs. The financial benefits are limited, though. But one can try at least.

Coimbra University.
Salamanca University.
Siena University.
Pavia University.
Poitiers University.
Graz University.
Padova University.
Granada University.

Now have a look at how to apply to international scholarships for Nigerian students below:
Set your mind first to which scholarship you wish to apply first. Visit the official site of various scholarships in France.
Before applying for a scholarship, you must take admission to any French university. Only then you will be eligible to apply for a scholarship.
For government scholarships or any university scheme, apply online through a website. On their site, you can find details of the funding.
Gather the information you need to apply. Documents, how to apply, contact details, everything.
You might need academic results with good marks, IELTS/TOEFL, CV, reference letter etc. Financial statement, you also need to prove that you are unable to bear the cost.
Submit all documents via the portal or email them. You must submit everything within the deadline.
After a couple of days, you will give feedback regarding your application.
8. Japanese Scholarship For Nigerian Students
Japan is a great country from their nationality or education. There is a 0% illiteracy rate. The education system is excellent for both domestic and abroad students. Japan’s rank in education is under the top ten. So, the government has a plan to sponsor students from financially unstable families or countries.

Already the government has several scholarship programs available. Besides, many foundations or universities have funds to assist talented students around the world. Some Japanese scholarship for Nigerian students are provided below:

MEXT Government Scholarship

The Education Ministry, Science, Culture, Sports, and Technology offers a scholarship which is called MEXT. Annually 150 candidates get the funds from any country in the world. The scholarship is awarded to the students who pursue their studies in Japan.

However, the scheme covers all expenses for undergraduates to Ph.D. degree. There is no nationality-based restriction. Besides, a student has to apply through the Japanese Embassy of the student’s country.

7 Ishibashi Foundation

The foundation was introduced in 1956 for international students in research programs. The foundation invites people of all nationalities to research Japanese Arts. The goal of the foundation is to exchange tradition and culture with others. However, the foundation covers all study expenses and living allowance. Even it provides travel costs as well.

Keizo Obuchi Fellowship

The Japanese Government awards Keizo Obuchi foundation scholarship. The scholarship is offered to candidates from developing areas of the world. So, any candidate from any ethnicity can apply. However, this scheme is provided for research in the area of Communication, Environment, Information, etc. Nominated students will get $10,000 annually. This fund only covers tuition fees.

Japan JSPS Research

JSPS Fellowship is founded for all ethnicities of the globe. The foundation is formed to promote science, nature, and Humanities, etc. The monetary help is given for the study of the areas. The foundation bears the cost of a seminar, lecture, or research program. Moreover, the foundation provides a living allowance, travel costs, insurance, etc.

In Japan, there are several institutions that offer scholarships for all international applicants. The institution awards funds depending on merit and financial needs. So, Nigerian students with excellent marks can take the chance. Here are some universities in Japan with full scholarships. Have a look at them:

Gifu University.
Tokyo University.
Kochi University.
Tsukuba University.
Nagoya University.
Hokkaido University.
Chiba University.
Kyushu University.
One must learn the application process for scholarship besides knowing the different types of schemes. So, read the instruction on how to apply to international scholarships for Nigerian students:

You need to go to the website of the scholarship you want to apply for. For MEXT scholarship, visit the Japan Embassy website, for example.
Under the scholarship or education of the site, there are applications from. Download and fill it out. There should be available requirements and a list of documents that you have to submit.
So, check them out carefully. Then you need to scan your academic transcript of your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
There might be requirements for English Proficiency papers. So, you have to submit relevant papers with the required score.
Some additional documents might be needed. CV, reference letter, passport photocopy, photos, financial statement, etc. MEXT scholarships require a test before qualifying for the program. One has to pass the test first.
Collect all of them via email or website portal. After evaluating all documents, they can call for an interview. For MEXT scholarship, candidates might visit the Japan Embassy for an interview in their country.
9. Saudi Arabia Scholarship For Nigerian Student
Saudi Arabia is a great place to study for its academic research, scientific excellence, and environment. Thousands of students come to study in the country at top Saudi universities. Some institutions ranked top in the world among other universities. Moreover, the country has a diverse culture and educational environment. It is one of the safest countries for foreigners.

Furthermore, the Saudi government sponsors to study in their country to many talented students. Financial aid is mainly provided to candidates from emerging regions. For public scholarship, there’s no barriers based on nationality. Following are the Saudi Arabia scholarship for Nigerian students:

Saudi Arabia Government Scholarship

Recently the Royal Embassy announced that the country is giving away 424 scholarships to Nigerian students. Lots of scholarship schemes are offered annually to different countries. Some slots are booked only for African countries.

So, this 424 scheme is among 6,597 scholarships for Africans. Interested candidates of Nigeria can contact the embassy in their country. They can even visit the website for more information. However, the scholarship is awarded to study in any country in the country.

Prince Sultan University Scholarship

It’s a private university that offers scholarships for undergraduate and Master’s programs. Students can choose humanities, business, and technology in the university. All nationalities can apply for the scholarship online. There’s no particular number of scholarships. Lots of schemes are given on the basis of students’ merit and potentiality.

Islamic University Madinah

The university offers undergraduate programs with full funding to international students. There is no scholarship limit. The candidates with higher marks will find the priority to study at one of the best universities. Moreover, the institution covers tuition fees, monthly allowance, travel and insurance.

Students from Nigeria can check online which university has available scholarships for Nigerian students. Many institutions have free tuition fees and full scholarships for abroad students. Check out the below university that offers full scholarships to any ethnicity.

King Abdulaziz University.
Saud University.
Fahd University.
Umm Al-Qura Institution.
Abdullah University.
Faisal University.
Qassim University.
Taibah University.
Najran University.
Shaqraa University.
The application method at Saudi Arabia universities is easy. Mostly the applications are taken online. So, let’s have a look at how to apply online for the scholarships:

The university or public scholarship program has a website. So, visit the website first. In the education or scholarship area, one can find all details.
First of all, view the eligible criteria. Whether your country is eligible to apply or not. If eligible, download the application form.
Then a student needs some documents to submit. Academic results, IELTS/TOEFL, cv, reference letter, etc. All marks and language efficiency tests must have a required score.
In some cases, a candidate might submit a financial statement as well.
After submitting all papers, the process is done. Remember, you must take admission to any university first before applying for a scholarship.
After evaluating all documents, they will call for face-to-face or online meetings. Then they will confirm their decision after an interview.
10. Dubai Scholarship For Nigerian Students
Dubai is a luxury city in UAE. It is mainly known for tourism, shopping, and Burj Khalifa. But people come to this city for education purposes as well. Dubai has both public and private institutions.

Dubai offers scholarships for international students to encourage them. The students are deprived and have limited resources. These types of students can study in Dubai, being sponsored by many foundations. Overall it’s a friendly city to live in and study for outsiders.

UAE University Scholarship

UAE University is the public and one of the top institutions in Dubai. The university invites students from worldwide to study there. The university awards scholarships to foreign students annually. It provides full funding for Ph.D. and Master’s programs. Students can choose any program they like. However, a candidate will get tuition fees, stipend, insurance, etc.

Al Qasimi Foundation

The foundation offers monetary grants for research in various fields. The foundation provides funding for research in Dubai and even abroad. So, candidates from any ethnicity with good marks can try. The foundation carries the entire expenses to complete the research program.

IRENA Scholarships

With the aim of promoting talent and potentiality, IRENA offers more than 20 schemes to international candidates. The scholarship is awarded at MASDAR Institute for the Ph.D. program. Moreover, the foundation covers all expenses and provides various facilities to aboard students. This is a UAE Government program introduced for foreign learners.

IMT Scholarships

IMT is a business school in Dubai. The institution offers a prestigious IMT scholarship for international applicants. The students with outstanding academic results and also socially responsible can apply to this. The scholarship is provided for post-graduate and undergraduate studies.

There are also more foundation, non-profitable organizations that award funds for foreign students. The universities situated in Dubai have monetary packages to invite more students from different countries. However, everyone should learn the application process of the scholarships. Now check out the instruction below on Dubai scholarship for Nigerian students:

Search the university or foundation Dubai-based first. Check their deadline as well. You have to apply within a certain time.
See the requirements of the scholarship. You have to meet all their requirements for application.
Then download the application form for the scholarship and fill it out. You have to submit it along with other papers.
A candidate must submit his transcript, CV, essay, reference letter, etc. check the requirements of papers carefully from the sites.
Then submit all documents via email or portal. Make sure you have sufficient time for the entire process. Usually, it takes time to complete the process.
For internationals, the foundations can ask for passport copies, photos, admission letters from any university, etc.
You have to take admission to any Dubai institution before applying for a scholarship.
So, submit all papers successfully, wait for their reply. Within a few days or weeks, they will get back to you.
Some foundations may call for an interview as well. So, face the interview with a positive impression. You might be selected after a good face-to-face meeting.
Question Answer about International Scholarships for Nigerian Students
Anyone might have a thousand questions about scholarship after reading all the above information. It’s common to have numerous questions about learning more about any topic.

So, we have sorted out a few basic questions that one may ask. Hope that the readers will find their deep mind question’s answer here. Let’s have a glance at the questions regarding international scholarships for Nigerian students:

How to apply for an MIT scholarship from Nigeria?
Ans: Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers MIT scholarships to study in the institution. It offers scholarships for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Any students from overseas can apply online for the MIT scholarship. Have a look at how to apply for an MIT scholarship from Nigeria:

Students have to create an MIT account online and fill up an application form.
They need to submit academic documents, including TOEFL. IELTS not accepted! CV, essays also have to be submitted.
The application fee has to be paid ($75).
Domestic students may be asked to attend an interview. But international candidates do not need to attend.
How to apply for a scholarship abroad from Nigeria?
Ans: Nigerian students can apply from their home country for scholarships to any country. Various countries award bursaries in different areas. So, select the state or country one may want to study in. Then follow the procedure on how to apply for a scholarship abroad from Nigeria:

Start the application proceeding earlier. Search for a suitable scholarship that meets your demand.
View the requirement list of the scholarships. You need to submit your academic result, CV, reference letter, etc. For a Master’s degree, one needs to submit work experience papers.
Then send them the scanned copy and wait for their feedback. If all your papers are alright, you will be invited for a face-to-face meeting. For online applications, it is usually an online interview.
How to apply for a Masters’ scholarship in Nigeria?
Ans: Almost every affluent country offers different scholarships for developing and poor countries. In this modern time, communication is also very easy. Applying for a scholarship from Nigeria is simple. Here is the tips on how to apply for a Masters scholarship in Nigeria:

One must have academic results (undergraduate), work experience minimum of two years, CV, and reference letter.
Then some foundations or institutions may demand IELTS certificates. So you must have a required score on IELTS.
Then visit the scholarship’s website of any country you want to study. See their procedure on how to apply. You have to email them, usually. Then you will be invited for an interview after sending all the papers.
How to apply for a Master’s scholarship in the UK from Nigeria?
Ans: Before applying, one needs to meet the requirements of a scholarship. Then he has to go through some procedures for completing the application. Here is the method of how to apply for a Master’s scholarship in the UK from Nigeria:

Visit the multiple scholarship website and view their eligibility list.
A student needs a graduation certificate with a minimum GPA. Then work experience certificate (2 years at least), IELTS/TOEFL.
Some additional documents are also needed. Such as CV, reference letter, etc.
After scanning all papers, send them via email. That’s it!
Wait for their feedback. They will inform you if you are accepted.
How to apply for a scholarship and study in Canada from Nigeria?
Ans: The Canadian government and many universities offer bursaries for Nigerians. They provide both the half and full monitory supports. So, let’s see the method on how to apply for a scholarship and study in Canada from Nigeria:

Search for a university that offers financial aid for Nigerians. Public scholarship is applicable for any nationality.
Then view their website. Know the requirement and eligibility list.
Arrange some papers to apply for a particular scholarship. Undergraduate or postgraduate certificate, CV, letter etc for instance.
For a Master’s degree, one may need work experience papers. Some institutions may ask for IELTS.
So, collect all documents, and email them. After being accepted, you can go to study in Canada.
How to apply to Sussex University for a scholarship from Nigeria?
Ans: All Nigerian candidates can apply to Sussex University to study in the institution. The total number of scholarships is unlimited. An entitled student will get a £3,000 reduction on undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. It’s not given for all types of programs, though. Now the question is how to apply to Sussex University for a scholarship from Nigeria? Well, for applying from Nigeria, students have to be Nigerian citizens first. He has applied to any programs at Sussex University. And also, the candidate has to be self-financed. Then email all necessary documents to them. If you are eligible, you will contact you.

7. What is the procedure of applying for a scholarship in China for Nigerians?
Ans: The most common and famous scholarship in China is the CGS program for abroad students. It is given for internationals for undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. So, African candidates can apply, and already many students are studying with the scheme. the procedure of applying for a scholarship in China for Nigerians is the same as other students. For CGS, anyone can try from January to April. Check the deadline before applying to any scholarship scheme. Students have to apply through the CGS portal with the necessary documents. The process is the same for other scholarship programs. After reviewing all documents, they will inform you about their decision.

How to apply for a MEXT scholarship for Nigerians?
Ans: MEXT scholarship is a Japanese government full funding scheme for the candidates of developing origins. The Japan Embassy monitors and manages the scholarship under the Japan Education Ministry. Here is the instruction on how to apply for a MEXT scholarship for Nigerians:

Search the Japan Embassy website and go to the scholarship option. Apply for a scholarship through the site.
Applicants must sit for a test for the scholarship. After passing the test, submit all required documents.
It could include academic certificates, CV, reference letter, IELTS, etc.
After submitting all papers, the candidates are invited to the Japan Embassy for a final interview.
What are the requirements for Nigerians to apply for Scholarships in Saudi Arabia?
Ans: The requirements are the same as the other international students for Nigerians. They can apply to any university that takes Nigerians or all aboard students. So, these are the requirements for Nigerians to apply for Scholarships in Saudi Arabia:

Candidates applying for undergraduate courses must be under 17-25 years old. For Master’s and doctoral levels, a candidate’s age should be 30 and 35, respectively.
Internationals should get approval from their hometown to travel to Saudi Arabia if required.
Students can not hold scholarships from another institution in the country.
Students must not be expelled from any other institution in Saudi Arabia.
What type of scholarships are available in France for Nigerians?
Ans: there are various sorts of scholarship programs that are attainable in France. They attract lots of foreign learners with their financial programs. Nigerian students can take advantage as well. Let’s see the types of scholarships are available in France for Nigerians:

Governmental scholarships
Scholarships & Cultural Cooperation.
Eiffel Scholarship.
Excellence-Major Program.
NPLUSI Scholarships
Charcot Scholarship.
Erasmus Mundus Scholarships.
Agency of Francophone University.
Final Word
Finding a scholarship to study abroad won’t be difficult for Nigerian students. Almost all countries have funds for African candidates. So, a learner must have merit and potentiality to ensure such a scheme.

The door is always open for the capable one. But keeping a scholarship is more challenging than achieving it. The applicant has to maintain a good GPA, prove talent, and so on.

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