Stevenson University Study Abroad Programs

Founded in 1947 is a private institution in Maryland. The institution has two separate campuses. One is Owings Mills, and another is Stevenson University. Stevenson University was previously called Villa Julie College. But the name was changed officially in 2008. However, annually 3615 students enroll here for graduate and undergraduate studies.

Besides, the university has various courses to complete. Students will have a great university life on campus. Except for their studies, they can practice culture, arts, and sports. Moreover, the university promotes lots of candidates from developing countries. They get full support from the university for higher studies. There are some financial funds of Stevenson University study abroad below.

Stevenson University Study Abroad Programs:

Merit Scholarship

The worth of the merit scholarship is 10000 to 21000 dollars. It depends on a student’s application and academic results. Candidates who have excellent results and talent can apply to the merit scholarship program. Class rank, test score, and GPA are determined for the funds. But those who need need-based financial scholarships cannot apply to this scheme.

Leadership Scholarship

Leadership Scholarship is a competitive one. Students who are engaged in the community, play an active role and have all a leader’s potential can apply to this. To learn about the scholarship, visit the website.

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Founders’ Scholarship

The new students enrolled at the university to any program can have the Founder Scholarship. Applicants are chosen based on the interview. Academic marks, activism in the community, involvement in social work will be the priority.

Theatre & Media Performance Funds

This fund is worth $2000 for those who wish to take theatre and Media as a major. For this funding, students have to show their potentiality. They have to go through an interview and audition.

Other Scholarships

There are some other categories of scholarships. The monetary funds are divided into various areas, so the talents are utilized properly. All candidates get motivated to continue their services in the community. The scholarships are:

  1. Service Scholarship
  2. Presidential Fellowship
  3. Competitive Grants and Awards.
  4. State Grants.
  5. Federal Grants.

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