Top Courses to Study in UK for getting jobs and post study work opportunities

Engineering, science, art and plan, business and executives, law, and accounting are all areas in which the United Kingdom is a world leader. The United Kingdom’s status and history as a global center for logical study attract some of the world’s most brilliant thinkers. With only 1% of the world’s population, the United Kingdom is responsible for 8% of all scientific publications.

The United Kingdom has a world-renowned educational system that can make a real impact on your future. Every year, it enrolls over 600,000 international students in a variety of programs ranging from English language classes to PhDs.
The UK education system allows students to enroll in courses and subjects from a variety of study areas, allowing you to design your degree to your own needs and interests.

Students are frequently torn between classes that they find interesting and ones that will improve their employment prospects while deciding which degree course to pursue. The good news is that UK colleges lay a huge focus on teaching transferable skills to their students. This means that many students study one subject and then use the talents they learned during their education to work in a different field.

A-List of the main 12 degree subjects for getting a job after graduating:

1) Medicine and Dentistry

Graduates in medicine and dentistry have the highest employment rates. Within a half year of graduation, 99.4 percent of graduates were able to find work or continue their education. The majority of medical and dental graduates (92 percent) found work in the United Kingdom.

2) Education

92.6 percent of graduate students with education degrees looked for work or chose to continue their education. In London, a number of universities offer education degrees.

3) Veterinary science

With 91.9 percent of graduates working or studying, veterinary science positions rank third in graduate employment statistics.

4) Subjects allied to medicine

Students can also pursue careers in fields related to medicine. This category includes degrees such as biological science and nervous system science, which have a 91.8 percent job placement rate after graduation.
Graduates of science can find work in the pharmaceutical business, chemical engineering, or even banking. The government is currently attempting to encourage more scientific entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom.

5) Law

Law grads are among the top in terms of landing well-paying jobs. Approximately 88.6 percent of law graduates looked for work or continued their education.

6) Biological sciences

Shortly after graduation, 87.1 percent of biological sciences graduates found work or continued their education. They are on the lookout for jobs in a variety of industries, including the burgeoning biotech sector.

7) Mathematical sciences

Mathematicians are in high demand in a variety of industries, thus graduate career opportunities are plentiful. Within a half-year of graduation, 86.5 percent of graduates were looking for work or further education. Maths degrees are in high demand in the UK right now, and they can command higher incomes. Many people choose to work in finance, accounting, banking, or as analysts. Those seeking employment in the technology field may also benefit from the degree.

8) Languages

Languages are a highly sought-after skill in the labor market, as evidenced by the fact that 86 percent of language graduates were able to find work.

9) Engineering

After graduation, 85.4 percent of engineering graduates looked for work or pursued further education. Engineering degrees are available from a variety of universities in London.
Engineers can work in a multitude of fields, including aerospace, defense, automotive, chemical, and construction engineering, as well as patent officials and management consultants.

10) Mechanical engineering

Engineering students can work in a variety of industries, including aerospace, defense, and automotive.
They also help to shape some of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines that the government encourages people to pursue.

11) Civil Engineering

Surveyors, site engineers, structural engineers, and environmental experts are among the employment available to civil engineering graduates.
Their significant need for future jobs includes work on high-rise construction projects around London and framework projects such as Crossrail and HS2.

12) Software engineering

People who can build websites or create robust databases are becoming more in demand as technological advancements affect numerous businesses.
Graduates of software engineering might work as designers, framework administrators, or IT specialists.

13) Historical and philosophical studies

For some international students, historical and philosophical studies are not at the top of their priority list, but graduates do well in the job market. Within a half year of obtaining their degrees, 85.4 percent had found work or continued their education.

14) Economics

Graduates in economics and finance have been in high demand. Economic graduates are likely to work as market analysts, bankers, financial analysts, and statisticians, as they typically compete for the same employment.

15) Architecture, building, and planning

Architecture is a popular study choice among international students, and graduates have excellent job prospects. Around there, 85.2 percent of graduates were successful in finding work or continuing their studies. Though being a fully trained Architect takes seven years – including several years working with organizations on placements – graduate-level positions are usually higher compensated than a variety of other vocations.

16) Finance

The most well-known degree subjects for international students in London are business and administrative studies. Within a half year of graduation, 85 percent of business graduates were looking for work or additional education.

17) Accounting

Every year, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, and EY hire a substantial number of accounting graduates.
England’s accountants are among the most well-respected in the world, allowing them to work in any country.

Working within the UK after Graduation

Graduates in London get the very best starting salary. London, being a world metropolis, offers outstanding connections with blue-chip companies across all industries. the schools within the city have a number of the very best graduate employment rates in the UK. A London degree will boost your CV and cause you to stand and go into a crowd, whether you come back all the way or stay within the UK.

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