World Best Law Schools Ranking Review (6 Best Schools)

To help them build a career, there are some world best law schools. If you have a great willing to study law, you can look through some of the best law schools to find your fittest one. As the law is so competitive job, you must select the best school for you to build a strong career. Many lawyers rank the law schools. If you see a review of the best law school ranking, you will able to select a proper school according to the location and expectation.

World Best Law Schools

There are a lot of law schools all over the world. So, it is really tough to choose the best schools. Besides, half of the best law schools are in America. Here, I will show you the best schools of law all over the world. Read them carefully and make your decision.

Harvard University Law School

It is one of the world best law schools. If you apply here for full-time program, you have to pay $85 as the fee. The deadline for submitting the application is 1st February. The full-time tuition fee is $60,638 for every year. However, the faculty on stuff number is total 135, full and part-time. There is also the Student Practice Organization through which the students of first-year can practice the legal skills to help the musicians about copyright laws and some other opportunities. And the students of older years can take part in HLS legal clinic. Besides, all students need to complete the 40 hours pro bono before graduating.

The HLS is good for the students to have honors, low pass, or pass degrees with grading procedures. The school buildings are on the campus of the University. Here, there are restaurants, shops, bars and mess for students. Besides, there are student dormitories to live here. Moreover, the Harvard Law School provides law income protection plan for the graduates with minimum salaries. Many of the famous men of the world studied here.

Oxford University, Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law of Oxford University is one of the largest law schools in the world and the largest one in the UK. In 2012, it was one of the top three law school in the world. This school provides modern Law Library with 450,000 law items which is a large library of UK. This library and the Law Faculty are in the same building. Besides, all the staffs of this faculty are dedicated and provide better training and support. However, the law program of this university is really unique. The BCL and also MJur are the graduate degrees of law which are taught with seminars, tutorials and also lectures. Besides, the students come in close touch with the teachers. The students of this law school get lots of opportunities in the law field.

Yale Law School

This law school has ranked within the three best law schools in the world. The application fee is $60 at this school. You should apply here within 28 February. The total tuition fee for a year is $ 59,865. However, the ratio of student and faculty is 6:8:1. The faculty on staff is total 169 both full and part-time of Yale Law School. Nowadays the tradition grades no longer exist in this school. Generally, the students do not earn any grade in the first year. They only earn grades of pass, honors and low pass. You will see that the size of the classes are small and only for 20 students. The students who are ambitious can earn MBA and some integrated degrees in only three years.

There are over 28 legal law clinics at this school. So, students can enter themselves into the real legal life experiences from the first year. They can get the touch in the real domestic disputes, and others. Besides, students can live in the students housing around the town. President Bill Clinton is the former alumni of this law school.

Stanford University Law School

It is another one of world best law schools. The deadline for application on this school is 1st February. For a full-time application program, you need to pay $100 fee. And the total tuition fee for one year is $58,236. However, the number of faculty on staff is total 97 for both full and part-time. In this school, the students are able to chard the academic course. The school also offers 25 joined degrees with other schools of this university such as the Graduate School of Business. However, anyone can get the joint master degree in 3 years. There are 10 clinics of legal practice for the students.

Law School of University of Pennsylvania

If you want to apply on this law school, you should submit the application within 1st March because it is the deadline for this school. The application fee for full time is $80. However, the total tuition fee for every year is $60, 988 of the law school of Pennsylvania University. There is total 117 faculty on the staff of this law school. Besides, the ratio is 9:8.1 of student-faculty. The students of law school can do other courses in other departments. The law students can also earn the degree of additional courses in three years. However, the students can apply for the campus housing. Generally, every student needs to complete at least seventy hours pro bono work to have the graduate degree. The students can also practice laws in some legal clinics.

Duke University Law School

It is also one of the best law schools in the world. To apply on this school, submit the application within 15th February. The application fee for the full-time program is $70 and the total tuition fee for a year is $59,912. The faculty on staff number is total 105 both full and part-time. The school teaches the students according to the Law Blueprint of Duke, professionalism, leadership and some other attributes. However, the students can also earn other degrees such as MBA and M.D/ J.D. Besides, the student can get experiences from the legal clinics. To get the graduate degree, the students need to work 50 hours pro bono.

All the above law schools are world best law schools. So, if you are interested in any one of them, know all about this law school and the process of getting admitted to this school. To be a professional and famous lawyer, there is no other option to read in a famous law school.

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