How To Apply For PhD Scholarship In USA For Abroad Students

A Ph.D. scholarship is a certain amount of funds provided for completing a Ph.D. Usually, the students from poor or developing regions are granted the scheme. Even the candidates unable to afford such costs can apply for the scholarship program. But many don’t have any idea how to apply for PhD scholarship in USA. So, here is the procedure.

How To Apply For PhD Scholarship In USA

Different organizations might have different eligibility and requirements for a Ph.D. application. But students have to be organized and well prepared before applying. A candidate must have good knowledge about universities or organizations. Then their requirements for each foundation. Now have a glance at the step below:

Research First

There is no alternative to research before applying. Whether you are local or international, search online for universities. See their eligibility list, policy whether they are suitable for you or not. If you are a local student, pay a visit to some institutions for more details.

Arrange Important Papers

Everyone needs an undergraduate and graduation certificate to apply for a Ph.D. scholarship. Arrange the hard copy of each degree and scan them. If you are applying online, then send them the scanned copy. If you are applying directly, submit the hard copy.

Besides, you may need an English test certificate. IELTS or relevant tests that acknowledge you are good enough in English. So, complete the course earlier before applying for a scholarship.

Write Your Statement

You should know that everyone has to write his essay or CV for a scholarship application. In this statement, you need to describe yourself in detail. It may include your introduction, academic background, career goal, Ph.D. project, etc. Depending on the scholarship type, the statement information would vary.

If it is merit-based, you should provide more details about your educational institution’s life. What is your aim to do after completing your education? What you want to do for your country. Your contribution towards people and society etc.

For merit-based scholarships, the judges would be more interested to know your financial and family condition. How do you overcome such difficulties? What makes you interested in studies etc. So, be advised with experts or seniors for writing the best CV or Essay. You can download some samples online to get an idea as well.

Supporting References

You might collect reference letters for any scholarship program. This kind of letter makes the task easy also. If a few tutors or professors refer you, it makes the chances higher to achieve it. And also, reference letters should be more than one.

Submit All On Time

So collecting all papers, you should submit all. Make sure it never crosses the deadline. Late submission is not usually acceptable. Some institutions may accept it in rarer cases. But it doesn’t work much. Always be punctual and start the procession earlier.


Making an application for a scholarship is always a long process. But always get in touch with your supervisor, mentor, or seniors. They can help you with information. Moreover, a strong reference from a well-known university can get you the scheme 100%.