Best Athletic Scholarships In Canada For International Students

An athletic scholarship is one of the scholarships that is specially offered to an athlete student. The students who are good at Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer etc are awarded the scholarship. In Canada, such a scheme is provided in high school, college and universities. Here we list down the universities that offer athletic scholarships in Canada for international students.

The Institute Awards Athletic Scholarships In Canada For International Students
This scholarship is popular but not available in many countries of the world. Only Canada, UK, and New Zealand have the bursary. They aim to encourage students in sports and help to continue their study.

The students who play excellent games can be entitled to this award. Few institutes have athletic scholarships in Canada for international students. So, we have pointed out the universities for aboard candidates. Have a look at them:

Douglas College

Douglas College offers students who have some sporting ability. It has opened their door for foreign students. Even they take their local athletes too. The institution’s rank is 84 among the other institutions in Canada. It’s one of the largest public colleges in the country.

In Douglas, the learners are treated with respect and give them full freedom. The students will be entitled to the bursary and will be found full scholarship. They have different programs for postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. So, there’s no particular course for applying to the scholarships.

However, the total number of bursaries awarded is 5 for both the national and international candidates. The competition is high, no doubt! But anyone who can show excellence in sports can have the scholarship. Now let’s have a glance at the requirement for the package.

Eligibility Criteria: The student must be an athlete and continue it in the future. On the other hand, the candidate has to be a Douglas athlete.

Eligibility Countries: There’s no restriction for a nation based. Any student belonging to any country can apply for it. The scholarships are given to international students also. Their Canadian students are included in this offer too.

Eligible Course: Students can take any program they want. Postgraduate or undergraduate candidates can apply for the athletic scholarship. There’s no specific program or course at all.

How to apply

A student can apply online at Douglas College. Students have to submit an academic mark sheet. At the same time, English proficiency certificates such as IELTS, PET, TOEFL, CAEL, etc. If anyone is selected for this scholarship, they will get a $7,000 bursary for the program.

Alberta University

Alberta university in Canada offers athletic scholarships for internationals and nationals students. The athlete students with outstanding marks can apply for the bursary. The university is in the top 5 in Canada and the top 150 worldwide. However, this scholarship is sponsored by the faculty of Recreation and Physical Education. Every year the institution offers a couple of scholarships to selected students.

But this university doesn’t provide various courses for this scholarship. The scholarship is only available for Recreation and Physical Education. So, apply only to those who are interested in this subject.

Requirement for the scheme

The first requirement is that a candidate must have some sporting skills. He has to be good at sports like swimming, volleyball, Basketball, etc. Some awards or achievements in this field will make it easy for a student. Excellence in academic results is also needed to gain scholarships. Mainly the student can prove he is talented and potential for this area will get the chance.

University Of Fairleigh Dickinson

Fairleigh Dickinson awards athletic scholarships to students of foreign and local. The number of scholarships varies. To book a place, apply earlier. The university offers the scheme for undergraduate students and masters. The institution has other scholarships, though. But athletic scholarships are limited in Canadian universities. So, don’t miss that chance to achieve it.

Even the scheme covers all expenses of a student. It provides for tuition fees, living costs, and others. The programs doesn’t vary for the scholarships at this university. However, the university has some requirements to apply for the bursary. A student must be an athletic player and member of the NCAA. Visit the official website of Fairleigh Dickinson Institute. Different countries may have different rules.

But remember one thing: never apply them via different email addresses. That won’t help to get the scholarship. It is highly restricted by the university too.


Athletic scholarships are the most exciting bursary programs for athletes or sportspersons. But this scholarship is rarer, and only a few countries offer the scheme. Canada has this opportunity open for mass students. Therefore, grab the opportunity to study in Canada.