Auburn University Study Abroad Programs

Auburn University is a large research institution in Alabama. More than 30,000 students are studying at the university. Moreover, the university offers a variety of programs to study. The courses are available for Master’s programs are:

  1. Business.
  2. Science.
  3. Arts and Humanities.
  4. Engineering.
  5. Economics.
  6. Agriculture.

Apart from this, the institution has a financial program for supporting insolvent students. With the help of the funds, the candidates can continue their studies. These are the scholarships of Auburn University Study Abroad.

Auburn University Study Abroad Programs:

Fresher And Transfer Scholarship
The university grants some financial aid to freshmen during admission. And also, this scholarship is renewable. On the other hand, a transfer scholarship is awarded to the candidates admitted to the transfer program. The fresher scholarship is allocated for undergraduate candidates for four years.

Alumni Scholarships
The Association of Alumni with approximately a hundred Auburn Clubs of the country provides funds for students. The organization chooses students from national and internationally. They offer such grants depending on some basis. It could be need or merit-based, geographic location, etc.

General Scholarships
General scholarships are offered to the learners depending on some areas. Both domestic and foreign students can be entitled to the scheme. For example, merit-based, need-based, geographic location, residential or non-residential, etc.

Department Scholarships
Different faculties offer scholarships to different programs. The university has some funds to provide to the students of particular programs. Twelve schools of the university give such funds. For example, ROTC scholarship, Music/Choir scholarship, etc.

Others Scholarship
Auburn University has lots of scholarships and monetary schemes for students. They highly promote the talents of students. And they want to give a chance to the deprived students. That’s why the university has financial programs to attract candidates. The other schemes are below:

  1. Veteran Scholarships.
  2. Honors Scholarships.
  3. External Scholarships.
  4. Athletic Scholarships.

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