Best Aviation Scholarships In Canada For International Students

Pursuing higher education is expensive. But studying in Aviation or training courses is beyond the capacity of many students. Even a few countries can provide such a quality of education in aviation. So, Canada is affluent enough to give both higher study and financial aid. Here is the institution that awards aviation scholarships in Canada for international students.

The Institution Offers Aviation Scholarships In Canada For International Students
Many universities in Canada offer scholarships for aviation courses. But there’s few universities that have scholarship opportunities for abroad students. There are even a couple of private bursary packages both for Canadian and internationals. So, have a look at the institutions first:

Mount Allison University

The university awards the Scholarship of Rob Robichaud Vantage for studying aviation courses. This bursary giveaways CAD 9,000 for the course to foreign students. There’s no restriction regarding nationality. Any student from any country can be entitled to the scheme.

However, the course comes with a pilot training course. So, students can find both education and training with the same scholarship. Getting financial assistance in aviation is tough. Therefore, achieving this bursary is considered the luckiest one.

Waterloo University

Waterloo University is a popular university for providing a world-class study on aviation. It welcomes both Canadian and international learners. A student of Waterloo can apply for a scholarship on the demanding course of aviation. It has some schemes for scholarships. Competition is high for the scholarship, though.

A student might have to go through an interview. A student’s previous academic result will be determined for the package. Then a student can get the scholarship. Visit the website of Waterloo University to be sure of eligibility requirements.

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Fraser Valley University

The Fraser Valley University awards Endowment scholarship for the aviation program. The scholarship is provided so that a potential student doesn’t have to stop studying in the middle.

However, the number of full bursaries is limited. But a student also can be entitled to a partial scholarship, prizes, and awards. For more details, have a look at the website of the university.

Trinity Western Institute

The university offers scholarships of Don MacKenzie on courses in aviation. There are also other schemes on the same program. To get the bursary, a student must be eligible. A candidate might go through tests or interviews. If his certificates and documents are satisfactory, then he might achieve the scheme. The total scholarships are limited, so apply now.

There’s Some Other University Offers Aviation Scholarships

A student should apply to different universities altogether to ensure a scholarship. Every university has a particular number of schemes for its locales. Then the rest of the scholarships are allotted for international students.

There’s a few institutes that keep majority scholarships for foreign students. Apart from this, check out the below university that offers aviation scholarships:

  1. British Columbia University of Technology (women special scholarships).
  2. Fraser Valley University (Walter Weslowsky, Doug Hyndman etc scholarships).
  3. Trinity Western Institute (Teena Daly Aviation, Odette Spaetgens etc scholarships).
  4. All Universities.
  5. Okanagan University.

The Foundation Awards With Aviation Scholarships

Many organizations support students with their scholarship schemes as well. Getting one of the scholarships is challenging. But it provides full assistance to complete one’s training. So, let’s see the aviation scholarships in Canada for international students.

LIFT Scholarship

The Lift scholarships have been made by WWFC to aid student pilots financially. The aviation students face challenges during the training session. It isn’t easy to afford such expenses for many students.

Therefore, WWFC raised funds to create the Lift scholarship to support student pilots. In 2020 WWFC awarded ten students with Lift scholarships $4,000 each. So, the funds allotted for a student are used for a training course.

Private Air Scholarship

The scholarship is offered to the students of Conestoga College or WWFC on the Aviation Program. The interested candidate must attend the interview session. Then one may be selected for the scholarships.

The scholarships given for such a program must be for 2nd-year students of Conestoga or WWFC. Then the student has to be punctual and have an excellent record of academic results. This is a full scholarships scheme. For information, check out the official site.

Neil Armstrong Scholarship

A very prestigious scholarship to promote talented students in aviation programs. It provides funds for pilot training. It’s very tough to get selected for the scholarships. A student must have the potential to be chosen for the scheme. COPA private funds are awarded with the honorable scholarship every year to aviation students.

In A Nutshell

Anyone struck in the middle of their study can consider getting a scholarship. It will put you one step ahead of your dream. So, seek help from such private organizations or universities. You may be selected for such a scholarship.