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Among many law schools in California, it may be difficult for a student of outside to select the best law school California. As California is a big state, there are many law schools. Best law schools in California contain some law schools which are well-known to the world. In this state, there are a lot of scopes of employment level for the lawyers. Besides, this state was first offered the certification in legal specialization parts. So, to build a strong career and be the best lawyer in California, you can choose one of the best law schools here.

Best law school California

Among all the law schools, I am going to show you the short description of some law schools California.

Stanford Law School

Stanford Law School is the best law school California for earning the professional graduate degree. It is in Silicon Valley, California. However, it was established in 1893. Now it ranks the second best law school position in the USA. It is considered as a prestigious law school worldwide. In this law schools, there are 90 full and part-time faculty members. From this law school, you can earn the LL.M. degree, J.D. degree, J.S.M., J.S.D, etc.

Moreover, this school tries to provide smaller student figure to teach in every class. It also maintains the full-time clinic of law and offers more than 27 joint programs of law degrees. There are some alumni of this school who were the chief justice of supreme courts. Here, the students can also customize the education because there are many elective courses.

Berkeley Law, University of California

Berkeley Law School is known as Berkeley Law. It is one of the 14 schools of University of California. This law school now has the best position in the world. This law school has the alumni such as leaders in law, government employee, chief justice, Secretary of state, attorney general, solicitor general, and many others.

The LL.M. law program curriculum provides the strong basis in the law of USA. Besides, the students can customize their courses on their interests. Here, students from 50 countries can study to earn LL.M. programs. The LL.M. programs are in four ways such as traditional, professional, summer semesters and hybrid options. There is also law society for students. Besides, the students can live near the Berkeley Law School near the Dan Francisco beach area.

USC Gould School of Law

USC Gould School of Law is a prominent and most selective law schools in the USA. Here, the students will face the challenging curriculum and best faculty members to continue their study. If you have a chance to study here, you can make your career with the foundational understanding of legal doctrines and skills. This law school is located in Los Angeles.

It is the part of the University of Southern California. It was founded in 1896 and officially established in 1900 as the law school. The students will get proper support from the law school’s Graduate programs and international programs office. Besides, the students will get the guide from this office throughout the time at USC. It is also a great place for the international students. Every year over 10,000 international students are hosted every year.

Los Angeles School of Law –University of California

It is the law school of the University of California. It is another well-known law school. If you want to read in this law school, you have to apply within 1st February. If you apply for full-time, you will have to pay $75. The full-time tuition fee is $45,338. Here, the faculty and student ratio is 10:6:1. However, over 126 full and part-time faculty stuff is working here. It is a highly ranked law school.

Students can study Business Law, Critical Race Studies, Intellectual Property Law, etc. Besides, there are some joint degrees from the students such as J.D./ MBA, J.D./ M.A. There are 20 clinics to get the legal experience for the students. Besides, 20 research centers such as Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation Law, Public Policy, Understanding Law and many others. From this law schools, 10 law journals also published and the students are also involved in these journals.

University of San Diego School of Law

It is another best law school California. It is at the University of San Diego. This school was founded in 1954 and get approved ABA approval in 1961. Then it joined the AALS in 1966. This law school offers the J.D. It is for three years and if you want to do it for part-time is four-year. Besides, the LL.M. programs in Advanced Law, taxation law, criminal law, business law, corporate law. There are also joint programs of J.D. program with MBA and MA.

Loyola Law School

Loyola Law School is under the Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. It is not so old one. This school was established in 1920. The name of this school is in the honor of St. Ignatius of Loyola who is the founder of Jesuits. However, the total cost of studying in this law school is $77,100. So, you can study here to build your law career.

Chapman University School of Law

The full name of this Law School is Chapman University’s E. Flower School of Law is a private law school in California. From here, the students can earn J.D. degree, combined degrees of JD/MBA, JD/MFA, and multiple LL.M. degree. It is the best place to study Business Law, International Law, Entertainment Law, Taxation, Criminal Law, etc. Here, there are total 74 full and part-time faculty members. Besides, the students who have better merit positions can able to get the scholarships from this university. Finally,

I hope the above discussion about the best law school California will help you to make a decision which law school is best for you to build your career. All of them are good for local and international students. The students will get a friendly environment to study well. So, choose your place and go ahead and do something for the world.

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