Free Scholarship To Study In UK For International Students

Many students’ cherished dream is to study in a country like the UK. But most of the learners find it difficult to fulfill their dream. Tuition fees and living costs are so high that several cannot afford them. Even many don’t know how to get a free scholarship to study in UK.

So, numerous students drop out, and the universities lose lots of talented students. However, the UK government and the universities have been offering free scholarships for decades. We will enlighten their aids here.

The Providers Of Free Scholarship To Study In UK

Government to educational institutes a student can get aid from any of these. These give various sorts of bursaries and other help to international students. Have a look at the scholarship program below:

Government Financial Support

The UK government has hundreds of scholarship programs for foreign students. Which smooths the path for higher education. Visit the UKCISA website to know all government scholarship offers. There are categories based on programs a student likes to complete in the UK. However, here are the most popular free scholarships to study in the UK.

Chevening Scholarships

Chevening scholarship is the financial awards programme for potential internationals. It’s aim is to create leaders for the nation. Every academic year the UK government offers around 1500 Chevening scholarships. The Chevening scholarship mainly offers a master program. It provides full-tuition fees for two years of master studies.

However, there are two main requirements of this program. They demand outstanding academic results and two years of work experience. Besides, the recipients are chosen by the British Embassy throughout the world. There’s no discrimination among race, age (no maximum range), religion, culture or anything.

On the official page, a candidate can find full eligibility information. It can be applied online. So, check out their official website for any details.

Euraxess UK

Euraxess scholarship is sponsored by the British government and managed by the British Council. It helps the candidates who are mainly researchers wishing to go to the UK.

Euraxess scholarship is offered for business, Industrial Strategy and energy departments indeed. It covers the financial benefits of the researchers at any stage.

  1. Postgraduate level (researcher of the first stage).
  2. Postdoctoral level (researcher of early career).
  3. Post-doctorate more than six years (experienced researcher).

Therefore, visit the website of Euraxess UK for more information. Anyone can find a job in the UK via the portal. The scheme also provides the opportunity for researchers who want to move from the UK.

Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth scholarship is awarded to students coming from Commonwealth countries. The candidates who are unable to afford fees to study abroad are entitled to this scholarship. Besides, the Commonwealth scholarship in the UK offered a wide variety of fellowships. These are:

  1. PhD scholarship
  2. Masters scholarship.
  3. Distance learning scholarship.

The students from commonwealth countries can apply for full tuition fees. Moreover, they have to provide good academic results. They have to show some potential to work for the betterment of their country in the future.

Apart from this, many universities in the UK are partners of this Commonwealth program. If anyone is selected, the university will bear 20% of the tuition cost. The universities are:

  1. Cardiff University.
  2. Birkbeck University.
  3. King’s College London.
  4. Newcastle University.
  5. Leeds University.
  6. Oxford University.
  7. Liverpool University.

Excluding the above universities, around a hundred universities are working together. Even this scholarship is easy to get for commonwealth countries. So, check the official website for more details.

Royal Society Grants

The Oldest scientific organisation promotes prominent scientists. It sponsors the scientists or has the talent to work in this field. Even it offers wide ranges of facilities like training, engaging opportunities, collaboration etc. The academy has three aims:

  1. Promotes benefits of science.
  2. Proves significance of science on human life.
  3. Supports the candidates at the international stage.

The grants, eligibility, applying for process, jobs, and other necessary information can be found on their website. Interested candidates from any country around the world can apply for the bursary. Anyone can email or contact them directly. All the contact details are available online.

Universities Financial Supports

Well, almost all universities and colleges in the UK provide scholarships and bursaries programs. There are lots of categories in scholarships. Most bursary schemes demand the highest marks in academic results.

At the same time, participation in co-curricular activities. Students with medium results can get financial benefits if they show higher potentiality and activism. But it raises the chance of getting a scholarship if anyone has outstanding results. Moreover, financial aid depends on subjects as well. Here are some universities that provide scholarships:

  1. Cambridge University.
  2. Oxford University.
  3. Imperial College.
  4. King’s College.
  5. Edinburgh University.
  6. Kent Business School.

Go to the official page of any university or college. Then click on the finance or scholarship option. Then the necessary requirement of applying for a bursary will appear. Before that, check carefully whether your desired subject is covered by the scholarship. If it is covered, then fulfil their requirement and apply.

Many universities grant 50% of scholarships instead of a full scholarship. It depends on their decision. Usually, the tuition fees are covered by the scholarship. The university does not provide a student’s cost, accommodation, food, transport, etc. The bursary fulfills neither of these. And this scholarship is given until a particular program finishes. But many bursary schemes also included other expenses. Therefore, check out whether the scheme is covered all or the fees only.

Then to continue the further study, a candidate has to apply for a new bursary. An institute can cancel their assistant anytime. So, a student has to maintain the minimum result to unimpeded financial aid.


First world countries explore talented students around the world to provide their top-class study. Receiving financial assistance can reach you one step ahead of your dream. So, don’t hesitate! Visit those pages to get a free scholarship to study in UK. There might be other organisations that work for international student’s funding.

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