The Best Law Schools Toronto-United State

The Faculty of Law School of the University of Toronto is one of the best law schools Toronto. Canada is a big country. It has many law schools. If you want to study in law here, you can choose the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. This faculty is considered as a prestigious law school of Canada and North America. However, it offers a lot of degrees such as JD, LL.M., GPLLM, SJD, etc. With a lot of famous alumni, Toronto Law School has become the top law school in Canada.

Best law schools Toronto

Law Faculty of Toronto University is one of the best law schools Toronto. With a vast number of subjects and nest faculty member, it can be the best place to build a law career. Let’s see the programs, history, reputation, and alumni of Toronto Law School.


Law Faculty of Toronto University was established in 1887. But it was officially opened in 1889. At that time, it has only two part-time professors named William Proudfoot and David Mills. It started the LLB degree s. However, at that time, Law Society of Upper Canada did not accept this faculty. So, the students who graduated from here required to complete a three-year articling term at Osgoode Hall to do any legal profession. After many years, in 1958 this school was able to give credits to the students.


Now, Toronto Law School is the best law school in Canada. It offers a lot of programs for them who have great willing to be a lawyer.


LLM means Masters of Law. This law faculty offers the flexible academic program for both international students and Canadian who seeking the opportunity for advanced research. LLM students can pursue the further program of legal education, can get a teaching profession, can practice with some private firms, non-governmental or governmental agencies. Here, the student will need one year to complete the LLM degree.

Master of Laws with Business Law

With a rich curriculum and strong faculty balance, Toronto law faculty comes with some combined degrees such as MML with Business Law internationally. It is an excellent opportunity for the students. So, the students can able to depth research in this field.

Master of Laws with a Concentration in Criminal Law

Most of the Law schools in the world provide a degree in criminal law. In Toronto Faculty of Law, you will find s multifaceted subject in some academic disciplines. The Criminal Law curriculum course offers to range from history to doctrine, domestic to international contexts and from theory to policy. Students can research the Criminal Law.

Master of Laws with a Concentration in Legal Theory

The Legal theory extends a lot of questions of policy to both methodological and theoretical approaches for example law and economics, the law with society, law and philosophy, legal history and others. Here graduate students can expose to the legal theory through the seminar, Legal Scholarship. But this

Global Professional Master of Laws

It is a program that takes 12 months to complete comes to realize the professional potential of you. So, the students with the professional background like this program to balance the demanding commitments of professional with professional development. However, the school offers GPLLM in different concentrations such as Law and Technology, Business Law, Innovation and some others.

Law of Leadership

It is the first degree in Canada of this kind. It is the degree of providing the leaders in higher education, private sectors, health with legal education.


SJD means Doctor of Juridical Science. It is a three-years degree provide Toronto Law School among the Best Law Schools Toronto. This degree is for the outstanding graduate of law for researching the law at the highest level. However, this school offers some collaborative programs on research. From here, many scholars come out and work in various professions even teaching at this institution.


It is a short program that takes only one year to make scholars in law. This small program is designed such a way for the scholars who like to write in disciple related law.

Collaborative Programs

There are some collaborative programs provide here for the students who want to have a degree of other prospective programs with Law in which this law school is a partner. However, the programs include bioethics, sexual diversity, and many others.

Alumni of Toronto University Faculty of Law

Among a lot of alumni, it has the alumni who are famous and well-known such as a Prime Minister of Canada, Premiers, Mayors of Toronto city, Chief of Staff, thirteen Justices of Supreme Court. Besides, there are some deans came from Toronto Law School in some other Law Schools such as Alberta Faculty of Law, Columbia Law School.

Buildings and Location

The Faculty of Law is on the Toronto are at the corner of Hoskin Avenue. However, Royal Ontario Museum is to the south of this faculty.

Falconer Hall

It is the home of the graduate program. Falcon Hall includes offices, common rooms for students and seminar rooms.

Flavelle House

In this house, there is a conference center, staff offices and Rowell Room for students. It is an old building constructed in 1902. However, it was the residence of Joseph Flavelle who dead in 1939.

Jackman Law Building

It is a new building and named in honor of Henry Jackman because he donated $11 million to build this building. This new one includes Laskin Pavilion, Jackman Crescent, and Flavelle House. However, it consists of the primary classrooms, offices, common rooms for students and stuff, the Moot Court and the law library.

As one of the best law schools Toronto, the University of Toronto Law Faculty provides best opportunities and environment for the students to build a stable law career and learn laws deeply. It is an excellent choice for both international and Canadian students. Besides, who want to research in the specific field of law can join here. The faculty members, environments, programs, law library, all make it the place for talents and Scholars. So, we can say that it is the best school for the law not only Toronto but also for Canada.

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