Study Abroad Columbus State University Programs

Columbus State University is a public institution situated in Georgia. Learners from any country can enroll in undergraduate, postgraduate, or Ph.D. degrees. There are lots of courses to study. The programs are offered in the field of Business, Science, Arts, Academic Affairs, etc. Students from abroad will find the university friendly.

Moreover, the institution has a financial package to offer. It awards loans, grants, and scholarships to promote and sponsor candidates from different regions. Visit the Columbus University official page for detailed information. There are given the scholarship scheme for study abroad Columbus State University.

Study Abroad Columbus State University Programs:

Institutional Scholarships

Columbus University offers some scholarships in different areas for candidates. So, the candidates with different criteria get financial aid. Those are programs based, some are state or community-based. All the funds have various requirements. So, these are the Institutional Scholarship below:

  1. Honors Scholarships of Columbus University.
  2. Servant Leadership Program.
  3. Study Abroad Program.
  4. Alumni Scholarship.
  5. External Scholarships

External Scholarship is a funding that is not provided by the institution. Many organizations, business companies, GSFC, etc, offer scholarships to students. The university also supports the foundations to be benefited. So, these non-profitable foundations bear all expenses. But that doesn’t come easily. Students must have shown good performance and results to achieve it.

Other Scholarships

The university has a wide variety of monetary packages, including loans, grants, etc. The institution provides some other types of financial funds. Both the international and local candidates can apply for the scholarships. Here is the list of the schemes below:

  1. Zell Miller Scholarship.
  2. HOPE Scholarship.
  3. Merit-based Scheme.
  4. Need-based Scheme.

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