How To Apply for Commonwealth Scholarship in Nigeria

Commonwealth Scholarship enables students from commonwealth member countries to Master’s programs. It was established by the Commonwealth and Development Office of the UK. So, the foundation provides priority to commonwealth countries with full scholarships.

Around 800 candidates are awarded the scheme every year. Such scholarship aims to educate deprived applicants from developing countries. Here we will talk about how to apply for a commonwealth scholarship in Nigeria.

How To Apply For Commonwealth Scholarship In Nigeria

All member countries can be entitled to a commonwealth scholarship to study in the UK. They can apply from their country online. So, Nigerian citizens can apply for a commonwealth scholarship if they meet the requirements. Here is the procedure of how to apply for the scholarship:

Research Well

A commonwealth scholarship in the UK is a public scholarship for helping students in higher education. Lots of students get the opportunity to study England for free with the luxury scheme. The reason is it covers all necessary costs for a student.

So, visit the scholarship website before starting a master’s or Ph.D. program. Check their deadline and begin the procedure early. With the scholarship, a candidate can enroll in any UK university. Apart from this, view every university’s eligibility list. One should meet all requirements to apply.

Apply To Any University

Institution application and scholarship application are related. No one cannot apply directly to a scholarship program. They must be admitted to any university and then apply to a scholarship program. So, successful enrollment to any institution starts a procedure for monetary aid.

Arrange Educational Qualification Certificate

Whether it is a Ph.D. or a Master’s degree, a student needs to submit all educational certificates. That might include high school, undergraduate or postgraduate transcript. One must have at least second class but higher division for the scholarship.

However, the universities might ask for IELTS. If anyone has A-level and O-level certificates, they don’t need IELTS. But the different exams in secondary and high school need IELTS. So, the score is varied depending on the programs one chooses.

Work Experience And Finance Certificate

Well, not all programs ask for work experience. Undergraduate and Ph.D. degrees usually don’t ask for work experience. But for Master’s degree and Professional Fellowship, the institution requires work experience.

And also, that has to be related to the individual’s selected program. On the other hand, students have to show a financial statement of their own or family. That clears that the applicant is unable to continue their studies without support.

Write CV And Collect Reference Letter

There are some additional papers needed for scholarship applications. One must write a CV for a scholarship. The CV includes explaining about the scholarship seeker, why he needs the scheme etc.

One should follow the structure to write a CV. Then the candidate arranges a reference letter. Reference letters can be more than one. It could be collected from the teacher of the candidate’s previous institution.

Submit All The Papers

After arranging all necessary documents, submit them via email. Then the scholarship administration will invite for a face-to-face season. Usually, if one’s application and documents are satisfactory, one is called for an interview. After the interview, candidates are nominated for a scholarship.

Eligibility Requirement For Nigerian Students

The commonwealth scholarship of the UK offers some additional programs besides a Master’s degree. The programs are as follows:

D. Scholarship.
Professional Fellowship.
Split-Site Scholarships.
Medical Fellowships.
Distance Learning Program.
Shared Scholarships.

All the programs above have different requirements. But some requirements are the same for all courses. So, here is the common eligibility list for Nigerian citizens for the commonwealth scholarship.

One must be a citizen or has permanent residence in Nigeria.
A candidate must have first-class or second-class (upper division) on a previous course.
A candidate is mandatory to have a discharge certificate from NYSC.
A candidate must get admission from UK universities.
Applicants need to submit a financial statement.
Needs 5 years of working experience for Professional Fellowship grants (part-time or full-time).

Worth Of The Scholarship

Commonwealth scholarship covers all expenses until the student program finishes. It can provide financial aid for one to two years, depending on the program’s duration. So, the scheme undertakes tuition fees, exam fees, living stipends, accommodation, etc.

Moreover, the scheme offers air tickets (economy class) once for entering and departing from the UK. But remember one must keep average marks in exams to continue the support. Poor marks can lead to the withdrawal of the scholarship.

In A Nutshell

Commonwealth scholarship is introduced for citizens of emerging or poor members of the Commonwealth. It targets the students living on the margin of poverty. So, the students can rise to work in changing and contributing to society. Therefore, it is easy to achieve compared to a university scholarship. Besides, one must have some merit to get it.

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