Duquesne University Study Abroad Programs

Duquesne University is a private research institution in Pennsylvania. Students from 80 countries across the world come to study at the university. Most of the learners are Pennsylvanian and US citizens, though. However, the university offers qualities and standard studies to its candidates.

Even they provide any facilities, including finance, for a smooth study path. The institution has scholarship programs for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. The schemes of the Duquesne University study abroad are below.

Duquesne University Study Abroad Programs:
Community Scholarship

Duquesne University has launched a new scholarship for passionate students. The students are involved in their community and wish to work for it. The university offers such a scheme for them. The students will work for justice, be ready to take challenges, work with peers, lead from the front, etc. Both domestic and abroad students can apply.

National Hispanic Scholarship

Hispanic financial program designed for the students who ranked top in the Hispanic Scholar. Such funds are for them with full facilities. For being selected for the scholarship, many things are determined. GPA, class position, rigor, leadership, etc. But for this scheme no need to apply separately.

Excellence In Spirit Scholarship

The university provides an exceptional scholarship to five extraordinary students. That all are fully funded. A student must have a goal, excellence, be benevolence, etc. The university chooses the qualities among thousands of applicants. So, try it before the deadline.

Bayer School Program

The Bayer Schools Program is a joint program among other institutions. Duquesne University, Bayer School, local industries, and Citizen Science Lab are cooperating. The candidates from emerging regions are represented by the scholarship. The freshers can apply during enrollment to the institution.


Micro-Scholarship is available for new students who are taking admission to the institution. Visit their website for detailed information about Micro-Scholarship. Visit Raise.me too. You will need this site for more to know.

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