University Of Southern California Study Abroad Programs

This is a research private university located in California. The university was established in 1880 and is the oldest research institution in California. Currently, 19,500 and 26,500 are studying in the institution on undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Students from almost 115 countries come to study here.

However, the university offers multiple degrees in various subjects. Students can choose dual degrees, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. Moreover, the institution has many programs in various fields. The subjects are Business, Arts, Science, Medicine, Communication, Architecture, Law, etc. Apart from this, students from any nationality can apply for admission at the university.

Even if they don’t have any financial support. The authority of the institution provides monetary schemes to poor students. Some are provided by the university and other communities. Anyone can apply to any of the schemes if they have potential and good marks. Check out the finance scheme of University Of Southern California study abroad below.

University Of Southern California Study Abroad Programs:

Financial Aids

The US citizens and those who have permanent residence can be entitled to federal monetary aid. Apply online and fill up the FAFSA form for the scholarship. But international students cannot get help. They have to apply for other scholarships that are available for them.

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Master’s Scholarship

The students enrolling for Master’s degree are entitled to this scholarship. They don’t have to apply separately for this scholarship. Applicants must fulfill the requirement for these grants, though. During admission the eligible applicants have some grants.

Merit scholarship

Merit-based program for applicants with outstanding results. Who have a great result and high performance academically. For this scholarship, they have to apply online and provide all supporting documents.

Both undergraduate and Master’s programs students can apply for the merit scholarship. Foreign students also can have the scheme. But they have to keep a minimum GPA to continue the financial aid.

Alternative USC Scholarship

This type of scheme isn’t directly paid to the university. Many companies, communities, foundations sponsor talented candidates. So, the institution has partnerships or members of such organizations.

For this sort of program, applicants have to apply separately. The foundations also give priority to the most brilliant students. So, apply to all overseas and local learners to try luck. Interviews aren’t required in many cases.