Overview of the Education System in United State (USA)

If you want to study in the USA, you need to learn the education system in the USA. The student who wants to study in United State will find many advantages. The education system of America offers you the wide range of opportunities with a rich field of choices. The school programs, location, rules, graduate system, etc are important to know before applying for any education in the USA. In order to understand the education system in the USA, I am going to describe the education system shortly.

The Education System in the USA

The education system in the USA is not similar to the education system of other countries. The primary and graduation have some stages. The nation budget has 10 % for the educational purpose. The every state of USA has the two departments of education for the education law regulation, student attendance, and educational curriculum. The school age is 18. Now I am going to describe the system.

Roles of the government education

In the USA, the primary education is expensive. There are two types of education systems. The independent people groups or the trustees control the one educational system. It is the matter for the private school. Besides, the local and the state governments shared the public schools. So, the private primary education is less expensive because the schools get sources from outside. Additionally, the accrediting agencies increase the program quality of the schools. Some fields of the study have program accreditation. The educational adviser will help you to find the program accreditation of your studying field.

The option of earning a degree

In the education system in the USA, the education is mandatory until 16 years old. The primary and secondary educations need 12 years to complete. After completing these, the students start the higher education or the post-secondary. The fist state of the higher education is the undergraduate study. Then the student needs to complete the graduation as well as the post graduation. These two types of educations are taken on the campus. Nowadays many colleges and universities offer the online graduation and post-graduation programs for the students worldwide.

Applying to any Schools

Although the admission policies are different from school to school, most of the admissions are based on some common criteria such as including the high school course, the Grade Point Average, exam scores, personal interviews, etc. When a student goes to the university admissions, the admissions office will consider the GPA and courses of the high school education.

The admission officers of the university also see the extracurricular activities such as art club, athletic teams, etc of the students from the applications. These participations means that the students have learned some good skills such as the teamwork.

The maximum high school student of the USA take part in SAT or ACT test at the final year of the high school. Besides, the school set a minimum score of ACT or SAT which is essential to obtain for a student to gain the admission.

Undergraduate study

It is time to know about the undergraduate study of the education system in the USA. The student who has a Bachelor’s degree from a university is called undergraduate. Most universities offer the students of undergraduate a liberal education. That means the students need to take the courses in several disciplines before selecting the major one.

Though the credits of different courses will be different, most of the courses have three credits. Besides, some might one, two or five credits. But all degree programs have minimum credits which a student needs to obtain before completing the graduation.

Graduate Study

The student who obtains the Master’s degree is called the graduate student. It is the specialized study which allows the student to study in a particular field from the first. Besides, the final thesis also needs for this program. The students need to study until they gain the required credit hours. When a student passes the qualifying exam, he can write his dissertation then. Before gaining the degree, the student needs to complete the dissertation to the faculty committee.

Finally, I think, I am able to give you a short description of the education system in the USA. The academic calendar of the USA starts from September and end in May. Besides, the calendar has two academic terms which contain 16-18 weeks. There are variety options of education in the USA and a student can find the suitable options according to his need.

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