Lamar University Study Abroad Programs

Lamar university is a public institution with 16637 candidates from various countries. It is one of the fastest-growing institutions in Texas. Moreover, the university is a member of Texas University. Besides, LU offers six colleges with 100 programs for all national and overseas applicants.

So, the students can find all their favorite subjects to study in. Moreover, the fees of the university are reasonable. But the institution has scholarship programs to help many students. Every year around 2000 candidates get LU scholarships to study at no cost.

The university provides 10 million dollars annually for scholarship purposes. Let’s check out the scheme of Lamar University study abroad below.

Lamar University Study Abroad Programs:

Smith-Hutson Scholarship

This fund was formed in 2012 with the donation of an anonymous person. Every year the university selects 70 students for the Smith-Hutson Funds. Transfer and fresher students can apply to the scheme.

However, the program covers 90 to 100 percent of a candidate’s course fees. However, the aim of the funds is to assist financially insolvent talented students.

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Goldwater Scholarship

Goldwater Scholarship is one of the prestigious scholarships for undergraduate learners in science. The US Congress introduced such funds for the honor of Barry Goldwater in 1986. Who was a US senator and presidential candidate in 1964.

However, the foundation provides around 300 students annually finance. Every student gets $7,500 yearly for science, math, and engineering programs. Brilliant candidates from Lamar University got the Goldwater Scholarships in 2005, 2014, 2016, and 2017 respectively.

Outside Scholarships

Lamar University allows students to take any organization, companies etc scholarship. They encourage students to explore different funds in their community. Any student looking for a suitable scholarship can apply to the below scholarship. These are some scholarships for talented fields. Have a look at them:

  1. Artsybucket’s scholarship (for photographers).
  2. Josh Gibson scholarship.
  3. Jeremy Rosenthal Scholarship.
  4. R3 Stem Cell Monetary Program.
  5. Sallie Mae Scholarships.
  6. ETCF Scholarships.
  7. Chairish Scholarship.
  8. Prime Scholarship.