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Texas Engineering Executive Education offers the unique opportunity to obtain engineering degree while working full time they also arrange for results-based learning through flexible two-year programs. They are offering a variety of graduate education options which includes master’s degree programs, single course options, and a unique graduate certificate program. All of their programs are well administered by world-renowned faculty from the Cockrell School of Engineering and classes are taken either online or one weekend per month on The University of Texas at Austin campus. Explore all of their graduate education offerings.

Master’s Degree Programs

Their engineering master’s degree programs are very well designed for working professionals who are seeking advanced engineering knowledge leading to career advancement. They encourage potential graduate students to explore options based on their academic interests and connect with a graduate coordinator.

Master’s Degree in Engineering Management

This program offers students core business basics and engineering tools to manage technical, business, and human-performance processes, along with an executive’s view to equip leaders to better manage, change, and achieve their company’s goals.

Master’s Degree in Software Engineering
With this program you can have a competitive in the computer and software engineering sector. This program offers students with an advanced understanding of software systems topics which are necessary for managing complex software projects. These course sarrange for immediately applicable skills for the workplace.

Appropriate onsite Software Engineering Master’s program.

The Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin has been making their graduates the first choice for employment opportunities by major tech companies like Dell, Intel, Google – and more!

They have been a global leader in technology advancement and engineering education for more than a century. The Software Engineering Executive Master’s Degree is an appropriate and affordable alternative to the traditional degree path. It has a curriculum which highlights key proficiencies in emerging software system technologies and management techniques that is required to design and deliver systems on time and under budget.

Important note for international students
The Software Engineering degree program is not eligible for students to be eligible for an F-1 VISA; it does not meet the U.S. government requirements. But, international students on an eligible non-student VISA are very much welcome to apply.

Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
This engineering program provides students with the knowledge and assistances needed to solve engineering design problems with inventive solutions. This is a full online course which leverage the expertise of graduate engineering faculty to deliver focused and applied advanced engineering principles.

This program is available online and onsite for just one consecutive Friday and Saturday per month. The UT-Austin Master’s in Engineering Management program offers professional engineers which is appropriate substitute to a traditional MBA. Combining core management curriculum and engineering technical courses, this master’s degree program is designed in such a way that meets the growing need for technical leaders who have the ability to manage and adjust to business changes with inventive problem-solving skills.

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