Fully Funded Masters Scholarships For International Students In UK

The expenses of study are always rich! When it is a master’s or PhD, the costs are higher than anything. And nowadays, expectations have become so raised that study cannot be completed without a master’s degree. But, many students face financial challenges at this stage. Therefore, the UK offers fully funded masters scholarships for international students in UK.

How To Get Fully Funded Masters Scholarships For International Students In UK
Getting a bursary for post-graduation in the UK is easy. The UK offers scholarships from three different areas. Those are:

  1. University scholarships.
  2. Government scholarships.
  3. Different Foundation’s scholarships.

However, a student must have an outstanding academic record. Then they have to show extracurricular activities. The different institutions have different demands for the grant. But there are some basic requirements a student has to meet those needs. So, the primary requirements are:

  • Certificate of A and O level.
  • IELTS ( in case of absence of the above Certificate).
  • Undergraduate certificate (minimum score varies upon institute).
  • Working Experience (some institution’s demand).

So, those are the normal requirements. Check out the official website of any institute that offers scholarships. On the requirement or eligible list, a student can get the complete information.

The Universities Grants Bursary

There are lots of educational institutes that provide full-time finance support. If anyone likes to receive scholarships from a university, find a reputable one. The newly established university might not have these facilities. Now have a look at the popular scholarships below:

Gates Cambridge Bursary

The gates Cambridge finance aids are provided at Cambridge University. It was founded by the donation of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates in 2000. With the charity of 210 million dollars, the scholarships scheme was built.

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This bursary is provided for postgraduate and PhD in any subject. And only the internationals are entitled to this bursary. Every year 90 lucky candidates achieve this scholarship. Moreover, 1,700 candidates were entitled until now from 100 countries.

Oxford’s Clarendon Scholarships

Oxford University offers the most prestigious Clarendon scholarship. Every year 150 scholarships are given away for international learners. This bursary is highly competitive but has no national restriction. The university gives full aid for masters and Ph.D. programs. If any students are eligible can directly apply for it. The authority of Oxford will select based on merits.

Westminster Awards Bursary

The Westminster University grants aid for internationals for postgraduate degrees. Any eligible students can apply online for the scholarships. Every student belonging to any nation is welcome to this scheme.

And the most important thing is that the scholarship covers all necessary expenses. These are tuition fees, living costs, flight tickets (once entire the program duration) etc. So, this bursary is more flexible and comfortable.

Some Other Institutions

If anyone searches, they can find a thousand institutes with their scholarship. Besides this bursary scheme, there are also half scholarships packages available. Even during admission, the authority can provide other financial help. So, it’s up to a student what types of favour he wants. However, there are some lists of top universities with scholarships below:

  1. Bristol University.
  2. Queen Mary London.
  3. Glasgow University.
  4. Bradford University.
  5. Nottingham University.
  6. Leicester University.

Scholarships Offer By Foundations

Well, many trusts or foundations work for unstable internationals upon education. It can be called a life-changing program for many learners. These organisations are not limited to only providing tuition fees. It grants accommodation, study expenses, tickets, etc. It even helps in preparing visas or other documents. So, the trusts scholarships are:

  1. Rotary Foundation Scheme.
  2. Cambridge Trust Scheme.
  3. MasterCard Foundation.
  4. OPEC Fund.
  5. Windle Trust.
  6. Felix Trust.

Governmental Scholarships

Government chooses potential learners across the world and gives opportunities for higher education. The students are selected by the British council or the British embassy from different countries.

Some public scholarships are Chevening, Rhodes Trust, Commonwealth scholarships etc. These all are fully funded masters scholarships for international students in UK. Have a look at the full info of the bursaries below:

Commonwealth Scholarships

To get such assistance, a student has to be from one of the Commonwealth countries. The scholarships are not given to any internationals. If anyone can fulfil the criteria, then he will be entitled to this bursary.

However, the finches support is provided for master’s and Phd programs. A student can get all living, tuition, ticket etc cost in his entire program duration.

Chevening Scholarships

Chevening scholarships were established with the aim of building global leaders. It’s main focus is internationals who can barely support their education. The British Embassy found those and provided all necessary expenses. The Chevening scholarships cover all living costs, study fees, flight tickets etc. This bursary is funded by Commonwealth and partner organisations.

Rhodes Trust

Rhodes Scholarships was founded and named after Cecil John Rhodes. It is one of the oldest and honourable scholarship schemes. 95 Rhodes Scholarships are given away every year to admit masters degrees. The bursary covers the expense of Oxford University’s fees. It also provides annually a £15,900 stipend to scholars. Which covers their accommodation, transport, book, tickets etc.

Final Word

The scholarships discussed above provide priority to developing countries. But the universities offer scholarships for their local students too. They have to apply for other funds or scholarships. For example, USA students can apply for Marshall Scholarship.

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