Fully Funded Graduate Research Scholarships at The University Of Melbourne Australia

Anyone looking for fully funded graduate research scholarships at the University of Melbourne Australia? There is great news for them! The Melbourne University awards around 600 scholarships to international and local students yearly.

Moreover, it grants all necessary expenses to complete studies. Here we will emphasize the details of the scholarship. So, continue with the article if anyone is interested in graduate research scholarships.

Fully Funded Graduate Research Scholarships at The University Of Melbourne Australia
Melbourne University is an Australian public university and one of the leading institutions in the world. The university contributes by providing a chance to students from emerging countries.

Moreover, the university opens the flat gate for research programs for domestic and foreign students. If anyone is needed, the institution bears all costs, including living expenses. However, the institution offers master’s or phd programs in various courses. Here is the course list of the university:

Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary.
Social Sciences and Humanities.
Melbourne Conservatorium Music.
Engineering School.
Business School.
Law School.
Medical School.
Design School.
Global Health and Population.
Psychological Sciences.
Biomedical Sciences.
Custom Programs.

The course duration for Master’s is two years and for Phd is four years. The university undertakes all expenses until a program finishes. So, students with efficient, good marks can take a look. If they are interested in such a program and need financial aid. The environment, mentors, and professors are friendly enough. They provide full support so one can succeed in life.

Scholarship Coverage For A Student

The research scholarships grant numerous fees and provide many benefits. So the candidates study comfortably. So, have a glance at the scholarship coverage below:

A student will be given full tuition fees for a Master’s Research Degree for two years.
A student will be given full tuition fees for a doctoral degree for four years.
There will be grants for monthly stipends. A student will find $31,200 yearly as a living allowance. The allowance might be limited in the case of maternity, sick, and parental leave.
The international students will get a relocation grant of $3000. Whereas the students from states will get $2000.
Health insurance will be issued for overseas applicants.
Eligibility Criteria For The Research Scholarships

There’s some basic category one candidate must meet to achieve the scholarships. The requirements are from some academic and some characteristics. So, let’s see the eligibility of fully funded graduate research scholarships at the University of Melbourne Australia:

Good Academic Result: The university may ask for previous academic results. For example, high school and graduation certificates. The institution requirement might be 80% or above for a research program. So, students have been excellent in their academic careers.

Volunteering Performance: A student should not be limited in studies only. He might be social, volunteering. If he earns any certificate or prize that might be mentioned in the application. Even if the applicant has working experience before, that also must be included.

Eligible Countries: Applicants from all over the world can apply for the scholarship. There is no restriction on ethnicity. Australian local learners are also welcome to this scholarship.

English Efficiency: a student must be fluent in English. The university has English requirements too. A student must pass IELTS or TOFEL with a minimum band score.

How To Apply On Graduate Research At Melbourne University

Check out the official website of Melbourne University for the eligibility requirement. If their requirements are met, apply online. Firstly apply to enroll in a graduate research program. Then apply for the scholarship, if needed.

There might be different eligibility for admission and scholarship grant. So, students must meet both criteria. But remember always to apply earlier to confirm a place. It’s one of the highly demanding courses and scholarships. Lots of students from various countries come to take the opportunity.

Apart from this, after applying online, the university will email with details a minimum of 7 days later. There will be the following steps on what to submit and how to proceed. Following their instruction and submitting all necessary documents, one can successfully apply.


The aim is to offer such scholarships so that the candidates can contribute to life, family, and society. So, take the opportunity to be educated and give back to your community. Hopefully, the detailed information above will benefit many candidates.

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