Various Scholarship For African Students In USA

African students looking for scholarships to study in the USA? The educational institutions are so friendly that they offer funds for them. The government also wants to contribute by education to African candidates. So, they undertake lots of applicants’ responsibilities every year in the field of higher education. Here is the list of scholarship for African students in USA.

The Universities Offers Scholarship For African Students In USA

Many universities open the door to applying for scholarships to any nationality. But some institutions give priority access only to African Students. The competition is a little bit less in such universities. And also, higher chances of achieving a scholarship. So, let’s see the institution scholarship below:

Georgetown University

Georgetown University offers master’s degrees for African students. It provides two years of a full scholarship to study science. It gives special priority to South Africa, Senegal, Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, and Côte d’Ivoire students.

Michigan University

The university awarded a Master’s degree program to African students. The university offers the African Presidential Program to international students. Candidates from Liberia, Uganda, Ghana, and South Africa can apply for it. They can choose any program for a Master’s degree.

Lynn University

Lynn Institution invites lots of international students for undergraduate programs. They provide merit-based full financial support. So, any student can get a scholarship to complete their undergraduate degree in any program.

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Bill Gates Scholarships For African Students

Bill gates foundation in the USA provides funds for both international and local students. Every year lots of students are entitled to Bill Gates scholarship with their ability. The foundation of Bill and Melinda Gates (BMGF) maintains and sponsors such scholarships.

They offer millions of dollars to different universities to help students. Already the foundation has many other schemes for research, masters, and undergraduate. So, here is the list of BMGF scholarships:

  1. Gates Scholarship.
  2. Gates Cambridge Scholarship (only in the UK)
  3. Gates Millenium Program.
  4. C. Achiever Program
  5. William H.Gates Law Program.
  6. University Scholar Program.

All Americans and candidates from outside can apply for any scholarship. But the students must have excellent results to apply. However, there is an eligibility list for making an application for BMGF scholarship.

  1. Students from high school, master’s, undergraduate, or PhD are eligible.
  2. All nationalities such as American, African American, Asian, Alaska, Hispanic American are eligible.
  3. Must have a satisfactory GPA in academic results.
  4. Pell-eligible.
  5. Wish to be admitted for full time and complete within time.

Government Scholarship To Study America

The government fully funded scholarship program is open for all. The applicants from any country can get the funds. There’s no barrier to ethnicity. The number of places for such programs is also extensive. Thousands of scholarships are awarded to extraordinary candidates around the world. Now have a look at the public scheme for all nationality:

Fulbright Foreign Program.

  1. MasterCard Foundation Program.
  2. Rotary Peace Master’s Program.
  3. Joint Japan Program.
  4. Conclusion

There are lots of options to get a scholarship. WYA African, AFS South African Scholarship etc are some schemes awarded for Africans. Besides, some schemes provide for any nationality. Students have to prove themselves worthy to get such aids too.