Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students In USA

Planning to Study in the USA but unable to afford expenses? Introducing fully funded scholarships for international students in USA. There are several scholarship schemes for abroad students.

The government and public institutes award students with lots of bursaries. Ethnicity is not a big deal, but a candidate must have outstanding results to achieve a scholarship. Even to continue the financial support, the student must carry the excellent result.

Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students In USA

For the students willing to complete higher education in the USA, this information is for them. Candidates from emerging regions who need support can apply for any of the scholarships. The USA institution offers various schemes for foreign learners every year. So, don’t hesitate to apply and give a chance to your luck.

1. Bill Gates Scholarship

Bill Gates Scholarship is an American one of the largest scholarship foundations. The BMGF funds different institutions in the USA for abroad students. The foundation has many scholarship schemes for undergraduate, master’s, and research studies. Bill and Melinda French Gates have been donating millions of dollars to support needy learners.

Even the BMGF donates 210 million dollars to Cambridge University in England. All the program is fully funded scholarships for international students in USA. So, check their official page to apply for any TGS scholarship. Some of TGS scholarships are:

  1. Gates Millenium Program.
  2. C. Achiever Program.
  3. William H. Gates Law Program.
  4. University Scholarship Program.

2. MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

Mastercard foundation was established in 2012 with the aim to finance insolvent learners. It mainly provides support for international candidates across the world. The students with excellent results and talent can be entitled to the scholarships. The scholarships scheme gives full benefit to complete studies. It includes tuition fees, living stipend, books, exam fees, etc.

Every year approximately 15000 students get the MasterCard scholarship for master’s, postgraduate, and undergraduate. These are some institutes that participated in the program:

  1. California University.
  2. Arizona University.
  3. Duke University.
  4. Michigan University.
  5. Wellesley University.

3. AAUW Women International Fellowship

AAUW awards full-time scholarships to master’s or phd program students. This scholarship is given for undergraduate, master’s, or research programs for women especially. All international students who are not from the USA can apply for the scholarship. The scheme is applicable to any accredited institution in the USA.

Students who have good results can take the chance to apply. The AAUW nominates more than 5 students yearly to study in the USA. The selected candidates will get $18,000 to $30,000 stipend for studies and other costs.

4. Rotary Peace Scholarship

Rotary Peace scholarship is awarded for master’s programs in the USA. The scholarships committee finds out more than 50 lucky students around the world yearly. The learners from any ethnicity got the opportunity to study in the USA. Usually, the scholarship is given for one to two years. The scholarship is renewable depending on a candidate’s academic performance.

On the other hand, it’s a fully funded scheme, so it provides all necessary costs. North Carolina University, Duke University, and some non-USA institutes have this scholarship program.

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5. Knight-Hennessy Scholarship

Stanford University offers a Knight-Hennessy Scholarship every year to study in their institute. The students who are potential but unable to afford to continue higher studies can apply for it. The university brings out those learners across the world and provides the opportunity. A student can pursue an undergrad to a phd degree in the institute.

Even the candidates can choose any program they want. However, the institution awards around 90 excellent students from any nationality to welcome Stanford. The university undertakes all expenses.

6. Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright scholarship is awarded to the students of professionals, graduate and phd programs. The students who wish to study any of the programs in the USA can apply for the scholarship. There’s no fixed number of scholarships to give away.

Every year, 4000 scholarships are offered to international students. Even there is no restriction on nation-based. However, the scholarship scheme covers tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, books, etc.

7. World Bank & Japan Joint Scholarship

The World Bank or Joint Japan scholarship has been working since 1982 to prompt researchers. Since now, the scholarships have supported more than 6000 students around the world. The program already has many other scholarship schemes for learners from developing countries.

However, the students who want to contribute to business or economics can apply for the scholarship. This scholarship program is mainly for master’s degrees. It grants full funding to complete studies.

8. Obama Foundation Program

The Obama Foundation has introduced a new scholarship program for international learners. Chicago University and Harris Public Policy School that search for future leaders offer such scholarships.

This is a full scholarship scheme for a master’s degree in arts. The foundation bears the entire expense to support a student. It covers studying costs, dormitory fees, travel costs, etc. Some other study-related costing also is given by the program.

9. LEEP Scholarships at Clark University

Clark University awards with more than 5 applicants to take undergraduate courses at the university. The institution covers all expenses to study and live in the USA. It provides tuition fees, books, accommodation rent, etc.

However, the scheme is given through LEEP. Every student across the world has the chance to apply. A student can select a program from the variety of the course of the university.

10. AU Global Leader Scholarship

AU Global Leader bursary is provided by American University to undergraduate students. Every year only one lucky student from any ethnicity achieves the scholarship. The students who have the talent to work for future improvement are entitled to it.

A full scholarship is provided so the student can contribute to his/her country. However, the four-year full undergraduate program cost is covered by the scholarship.

In A Nutshell

These are the top bursaries for foreign candidates to study in the USA. There might be other scholarships from public institutes. We recommend checking out their website first. A candidate must meet the requirements from the institute and scholarship fund both. Then the students can be entitled to a scheme.