Fully Funded UK Scholarships For International Students

Studying in the UK could be fascinating, dreaming but expensive at the same time. Especially for learners from poor and developing countries. But many countries already take essential measures like the UK to solve this problem. They provide fully funded UK scholarships for international students.

It stops dropping out students at a higher level and secures one potentiality for the future. So, funding is mandatory for many students at this level.

Top Most Fully Funded UK Scholarships For International Students

The UK government hunts students from different countries around the world. They don’t only sponsor tuition fees but also other expenses. There are various kinds of UK scholarships provided by the government. Which makes it easy to get higher education for middle-class students. Now have a look at the bursary below:

Government Funded Bursary

The UK government hunts students from different countries around the world. They don’t only sponsor tuition fees but also other expenses. There are various kinds of UK scholarships provided by the government. Which makes it easy to get higher education for middle-class students. Now have a look at the bursary below:

British Chevening Fund

Chevening scholarships have been working for funding since 1983 for international students. It’s main aim is to explore talent among students. And also it provides a chance for students to raise in their future. This bursary provides two sorts of awards: Chevening Fellowships and Chevening Scholarships.

Usually, this British scholarship is funded by FCO and its partner organizations. candidates are selected by British embassies. They choose around 1500 individuals throughout the world yearly. However, this funding is given for getting a master’s degree. So, the duration is one year only. Other expenses are received by candidates along with the scholarship are:

  1. Living allowance.
  2. Return air ticket (economy class).
  3. Additional grants.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The most popular and easy to achieve finance assistant is Commonwealth scholarships. The Commonwealth countries get the opportunity to manage such scholarships. Every year approximately 800 awards are offered among international applicants.

And also, this bursary is provided for professional and postgraduate entry. Even these scholarships come with more facilities than usual. It provides airfare to enter the UK and return from the UK, all study expenses, and accommodation. Some costs that are barred by the scholarships are:

Thesis Grant: It grants allowance for preparing thesis papers, assignments, etc, if necessary. As the financially unstable students go through Commonwealth funds, they might need such help. So, many applicants can find this grant.

Study Travel Allowance: Universities sometimes take students to essential places which are part of the study. It helps to enhance their knowledge. But this kind of tour doesn’t come for free. So, the scheme bears such expenses too.

Personal Allowance: Every student has their own expenses except tuition fees. Usually, many scholarships don’t cover those. But Commonwealth study funding provides those sometimes. Warm clothing, for example, is one of the personal needs. If necessary, the bursary grants the need as well.

Japan World Bank Funds

The members of the Japan World Bank around the world are entitled to this scholarship. It finances the learners of development-related programs. The duration of the fund is two years maximum. So, this is another helpful scheme for many poor but potential students.

The scholarships cover almost all expenses, including tuition fees and books. Other allowances it provides are living costs, issue insurance of basic medical and accident, etc. Even it bears the cost of an air ticket from the home country to host and return. The airline fares are provided once during the study period. For more details, visit their official website and contact them.

Other UK Government scholarships

Except for the Commonwealth, Chevening, and Japan Bank scholarships, there are many bursaries available. Euraxess UK, Royal Society, AS Honorby, Saltire Scottish etc are some of them.

Even many organizations are working for the learners of their class countries to ensure higher studies. So, check out the website of these scholarships program pages. An interested candidate should start earlier to start a new program.

Universities Funding

A student can directly apply to their chosen university for scholarships. Many universities have that opportunity. They provide financial facilities to the students who are admitted to their institute. Here are the universities that provided fully funded UK scholarships for international students.

Gates Cambridge Bursary

The Gates Cambridge aid was established by the donation of Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates. It was founded in 2000 at Cambridge University for foreign candidates. The scholarships are given for Ph.D. and postgraduate programs.

To secure this financial help, a student has to show exclusive results. Then anyone will be entitled to this scheme in any program he likes to pursue. Each year almost 90 scholarships are provided.

Clarendon Scholarships

Clarendon Scholarship is considered a prestigious scholarship in the United Kingdom. Oxford University offers the scholarship. And of course, it is an honor to study at Oxford. Students are selected by admission test and interview to this university.

Every year approximately 140 bursaries are given to all local and foreign students. The duration of the scheme depends on the programs it takes to complete. However, the package comes with an accommodation allowance, along with institute fees.

International Westminster Scholarships

Westminster scholarships are mainly introduced for students from developing countries. It provides full scholarships to any subjects at Westminster University. If any student can show potentiality, exclusive biodata along with an outstanding result can get the aid. Accommodation, airfare, living cost, tuition fees, etc are covered under the bursary.

Scholarships With Other Institute

In the UK, scholarships are available in any university, and it is easy to get sometimes. So, there’s no need to worry. Some bursary is provided only for excellent results only. Furthermore, university scholarships are getting easier than government scholarships. Here are some of the universities with full scholarships programs:

  1. Nottingham University.
  2. Bradford University.
  3. Metropolitan University.
  4. Manchester University.
  5. Edinburgh University.
  6. Glasgow University.

In A Nutshell

Money is one of the important factors but cannot be the restriction to achieve higher education. There are lots of helping hands out there to fulfill one wish. Therefore, one has to come out and seek it. The pursuer will know who offers fully funded UK scholarships for international students now. So, apply and check your luck!