Best Daad Scholarship For Masters In Germany For International Students

Daad is the largest foundation in the world, established in 1925 with the aim of creating future leaders. Since then, the foundation has awarded the scholarship to approximately two million students. Every year 100000 candidates around the world get the daad scholarship for masters in Germany.

This scholarship was mainly coined for learners from emerging countries for masters, PHD or research programs. But German students can be entitled to the scholarship too.

How To Get Daad Scholarship For Masters In Germany

The most popular scholarship in the world is the daad scholarship for masters in Germany. It provides opportunities for students to get higher education. It finances talented students from third world countries besides local students.

The duration of the scheme is 12 to 36 months. Daad scholarship offers a monthly stipend so a student can continue his education. However, the scheme has some requirements to apply for it. So, have a look at them:

The students wishing to complete a master’s degree, PHD or research can apply for the scholarship.

A candidate must study full-time in Germany with compulsory attendance.

The undergraduate students who completed this study within 6 years can apply for it.

The applicant must have two years of work experience minimum.

The scholarship authority can ask for language requirements in German or English. It depends on the chosen courses.

If an applicant wants to stay in Germany for 6 months, he must reside in his home country for one year minimum during the application.

If an applicant wants to stay in Germany for more than 6 months, he must achieve his last degree in his home country.

Students have to apply online with their academic results, language certificate, extra-curricular activities certificate, etc. There might be some additional documents the foundation can ask for. Visit their site for more details.

What Benefits Daad Scholarship Offers

There are numerous financial supports the daad scholarship provides. Financial aid makes it easy for many students to finish their studies. In some cases, it gives family allowance as well. Now have a look at the favor the scholarship provides are follows:

Tuition Fees

Germany doesn’t charge tuition fees for studying in Germany. Many might know about it. Around 16 states of Germany already abolished study fees from universities in 2014. But few states may charge tuition fees. But remember one thing, the Daad scholarship doesn’t cover the tuition fees.

Even this scholarship doesn’t offer to pay for one’s study expenses. It only provides a monthly allowance and other expenses. However, it may cover some partial fees, research fees, the cost of attending any seminar, etc. Daad scholarship doesn’t undertake the cost of full tuition fees.

Monthly Allowance

Daad scholarship gives monthly allowance for its candidates. The postgraduate students may have 850 Euros. PHD candidates may have 1200 Euros. On the other hand, university teachers can get 2000 Euros. The professors may get 150 Euros extra.


The daad scholarship holders get health coverage and insurance facilities. It covers personal liability and accident insurance. Scholarship holders can have insurance benefits for family members as well. It depends on the scholarship, though.

Tickets And Other Expenses

Daad scholarship provides arrival tickets and returns tickets to home countries. Even it covers some study expenses too. Admission fee, for example, is not free even in tuition-free universities. All facilities the scholarships offer or a candidate will find are mentioned on the scholarship scheme.

Family Members Right In Daad Scholarship

In a PhD program, a candidate can be accompanied by his spouse and kids. If a student doesn’t have more than six months of visa permits, the family will not be allowed. If a student has a permit for over six months can take the family with him. But the candidates must take permission from the selected university and scholarship authority.

The scholarship won’t cover the applicant’s family expenses if the visa permits for 6 or fewer months. However, in some cases, the daad scholarship can cover family costs for the permission for one year or more. Then the spouse can get an air ticket, insurance, families, etc. Therefore, confirm what assistance the scholarship is giving before proceeding.

List Of The Courses And Universities For Daad Scholarship

In Germany, any student from any country can be admitted to German universities with a daad scholarship. Dad scholarship offers a wide range of programs to undertake. But a candidate must take a master’s or phd degree for the scholarship. So, let’s see the universities with the different courses:

Business Administration/Economic Sciences/Political Economics

HTW Berlin offers an MSc degree in Development Economics. Universitat Leipzig offers business courses and training.

Development Cooperation

Ruhr-University Bochum offers courses in Human Security and Environmental Risks. On the other hand, Universitat Bonn & United Nations Institute has the same program.


Technische Universität Kaiserslautern awards PhD and research program on MIC.

Regional & Urban Planning

Technische Universitat Berlin offers UM course Technische Universität Dortmund offers SPRING course. Even anyone can study MSc on IUSD at Universitat Stuttgart.

Media Studies

Couple of university has such program. The universities are Hochschule Bonn, Deutsche Welle and Universität Bonn.

Public Health

Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Humboldt-Universität etc provides master’s in public health.

Agricultural & Forest Sciences

Technische Universität Dresden, Universität Hohenheim, Leibniz Universität etc provides the program.

Final word

The Daad scholarship is one of the most flexible scholarships in the world. Anyone can achieve it if a student has excellent marks, language efficiency, and other abilities. Even it bears the family cost in many cases. The family members might get a work permit as well as the grant. So, apply before the deadline!

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